Springtime, formal time.

by Jesse S. Lyons, Director of Communciations

Its springtime and with the change in seasons comes the interest in hosting a formal or special social event. A few reminders:

1. Decorations, outfits, and theme

You may wear period costumes as your outfits for a formal. However, under no circumstances may you wear confederate uniforms or display or utilize confederate trappings. These include hats, jackets, flags, or any other item. Please ensure your guests understand this rule too—you are responsible for them.

2. Week-long activities

Week-long sets of parties are unacceptable. However, many chapters have began a week long set of fundraising activites, parents and alumni events, public relations activities, sorority competitions, and ended with a proper social event.

3. Travel

If you are entering another province for an event, please let me know so I can help you notify the Executive Director and follow KA Laws pertaining to travel.

4. Risk Management & Liability

You are responsible for your chapter and actions no matter where you are. Some recent issues with chapters have come from hotels, cabins, and other people contacting schools or the national administrative office after an out of town event or formal. Please be gentlemen, have a great time, and make smart decisions. Information on risk management, including the Kappa Alpha Order Risk Management Policy, can be found here: http://www.kappaalphaorder.org/ka/risk

5. Social Media –

Finally, I must stress this point. We monitor all channels of social media—the chapter accounts, many individuals, guests, and even the anonymous ones. Make an extra effort to uphold your chapter’s positive image throughs social media – share this email with your chapter, especially this part:

1. Don’t do dumb things to get yourself in trouble and then tell the world online.

2. Please remind your guests to do the same. That should do it.

Have a great end of the semester, best of luck on finals, and contact your ADCS with ANY questions before any event. You cannot get in trouble for running an idea by your ADCS.

Welcome to the “new” KAPPAALPHAORDER.org

by: Jesse S. Lyons, Director of Communications

The sixth (only the sixth) iteration of our national website is now live. Explore our new engaging design, test the mobile responsiveness, be inspired by the bold values statements, and utilize the new, streamlined navigation. We hope you like it! If you see issues, something missing, or heaven forbid *gasp!* a broken link, please email us your feedback at jlyons@ka-order.org. Thanks and enjoy the site!

(oh and please share www.KAPPAALPHAORDER.org via Tweet, Like, etc. so we get the word out! – if you do so, hashtag #elevatedandrefined, #moralcompass, or any other new witty slogan and and you’ll be entered into a drawing for an Official KA Flag at the end of February. Thanks!)Website Explanation Graphic


3 Tips to Help You During Finals

By Nick Palmer, Director of Chapter Development
Kappa Alpha Order, National Administrative Office

[Nick is an initiate from Delta Lambda Chapter at Middle Tennessee State University is new to the blogosphere but he has committed to becoming an helpful source for education for our members and other college students. Check his site out from time to time.]

It’s finals time, that dreaded, stressful season where you spend hours in the library drinking your favorite Starbucks concoction and stressing over your future. Whether you have been studying for weeks, or are just now starting (hopefully not), here are three tips to help you to reach maximum performance and maintain sanity.

Prioritize the Information

This may sound simple, but if you are cramming you want to make sure you are getting the most bang for the buck. Use the simple 80/20 principle, and focus on the 20% that is going to get the 80%, not the other way around. Sometimes finding the top 20% to study can be a challenge, so look back in the tests you have taken throughout the semester and find the common themes, and focus your studying there.

Author, blogger and hyper-learner, Tim Ferris, uses the acronym D.S.S.S. to quickly learn skills and acquire information. DSSS stands for Deconstruct, Selection, Sequencing and Stakes. In studying, Stakes can be a big help. Clearly, one of the biggest stakes you have are your final grades, but make studying fun with mini challenges with your friends throughout your studies to learn to deconstructed 20%.. Loser buys Starbucks. Check out this article for more information on this model http://www.truesimple.com/2013/06/27/d-s-s-s-timothy-ferrisss-model-for-rapid-learning/.


When I am preparing for a big presentation, I often cycle between practicing/learning it in the hotel room then decompressing in the hotel gym. This does 2 things for me, 1 – it intervals my learning sessions so I do not become overwhelmed, and 2 – it gives me the opportunity to run through the information in my head so I become less dependent on the book or slides I’m studying. Exercise improves your mood, and therefore improves your performance. You will never perform to your highest potential in a bad mood

Dress Appropriately

If you are in the library reading this right now, you may look around and think you are at The National Sweatpants Convention. However, dressing too comfortably may not be the best idea. For those of you who have ever been in theater, you know you don’t start performing to your highest potential until you begin your dress rehearsals. Use the “look good-feel good, feel good-play good” philosophy to prep and take your exams. As mentioned earlier, your mood has a lot to do with your performance, so walk into your exam looking good and feeling confident.


Lift High Your Glasses

Brothers and friends, a happy January 19th to all. Today we celebrate the birth of Robert E. Lee as well as our founding, in lieu of December 21. This is the traditional date for a Convivium Celebration, but those events may also be held throughout the year.

When our Alpha Chapter was forming in the early years of 1865-1870, Lee was in Lexington, Virginia, as President of Washington College (now Washington & Lee). His influence spread to all students. Indeed, his honor code was instituted with one line: “We have but one rule here, and it is that every student must be a gentleman.” Our principles of chivalry forming in our ritual were embodied in person through Lee’s words and actions. As such Lee was a gentleman and a real-life example to our founders. For us, those values remain true, today, as a Moral Compass for the Modern Gentleman.

While never a member, Lee was first dubbed our Spiritual Founder in 1923 by Former Knight Commander John Temple Graves.

A toast to Lee is given with water at a Convivium celebration. This is symbolic and appropriate as Lee did not drink alcohol. (in fact, he is quoted, “I like whiskey. I always did, and that is why I never drink it.”

Our Chief or Principle Founder was James Ward Wood and our Practical Founder was Samuel Zenas Ammen. To these members we also toast today.

Today, each newly chartered or rechartered chapter receives a print of a portrait of Lee in his office at Washington College (Gamma Mu at University of Houston, above). Lee was many things: military officer, leader, gentleman–but perhaps most important was his time as an educator.

We honor our past. We remember Lee’s traits. And we strive to embody our ideals for the future, as it belongs to us. The future could promise us no site so dear as the 150th Sesquicentennial Celebration in 2015.

So, Knights, Gentlemen, Brethren, lift high your glasses here tonight, and, in the liquid spotless as his fame, let us pledge forever KA, the Spiritual Founder of Kappa Alpha Order – Robert Edward Lee of old Virginia!

5 Reasons Hazing Cannot be Justified

[This is a guest blog post from Nick Bell, a junior at Washington & Lee University and a 2011 initiate of Alpha Chapter]

Many people see hazing in the chapter as nothing more than silly antics and harmless pranks like those remembered from the 1980s hit comedy Animal House. The realities of hazing are severely unlike the amusing scenes many people relate with the term. Hazing is an abuse of power that can destroy a person and a chapter. The goal of the Order is to create a lifetime experience for all members and to inspire values such as respect, honor, gentlemanly conduct, leadership, and, ultimately, excellence. Hazing does not help any of your members attain any of these principles and your chapter will be altogether worse off if hazing occurs. There is no way to justify hazing. Here’s why:

1. Hazing puts your chapter at risk.

Even if you somehow believe there is nothing morally wrong with hazing, it is still a terrible idea. Every time a member hazes, they are not only putting their self at risk of expulsion from the Order, but they are also putting the chapter at risk of being shut down. How can you justify taking this risk?

2. KA is about building people up, not tearing people down.

Your new members will soon be your brothers. They should be people you care deeply about and would do anything for. Hazing can tear people apart mentally and physically. How can you justify doing this to your own brothers?

3. Hazing presents an unsafe environment.

Hazing can present many dangerous situations where new members are in a vulnerable position of being severely or fatally injured. People have diedbecause of hazing. How can you justify endangering the life of anyone, let alone your soon-to-be brothers? Even more prevalent is the mental toll that even non-physical hazing takes on your new members. You never know everything that is going on with someone–and you don’t want to be the added stressor for someone already in a weakened mental state.

4. Hazing is against the law.

You have spent your whole life working hard to get into college so you can be successful. If you haze, you are putting yourself at risk of being punished by the law. Even if you disagree with all of KA’s values, how can you justify putting your whole future career in jeopardy just to haze?

5. Hazing divides your brotherhood.

You know that hazing is wrong. Your brothers know that hazing is wrong. Those who haze will be divided from those who abhor the practice. Your chapter does not become closer because of hazing, it becomes further apart and this divide can lead to the demise of your chapter. How can you justify taking this risk?


The KA experience offers its members an unbelievable opportunity to attain long-lasting friendships and brotherhood. The standards and values of KA are lost when hazing occurs. Hazing can ruin your chapter. The risks from hazing can ruin your life and the lives of others.

So ask yourself, how can you justify hazing?

ELA recap on Storify

KAOEF Announces 2013-2014 Scholarship Recipients

The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation is pleased to be able to provide scholarships to 98 great young men on the basis of their academic record, their involvement with the Kappa Alpha Order and other campus activities. Congrats to these lucky gentlemen! For more information about KAOEF scholarships, other support provided by the Foundation to the Order, and ways you can give, pelase visit www.KAOEF.org.



Alabama – Alpha Beta
Reid A. Harvey
W. E. Dunwody Province Scholarship

Nicholas M. Laskay
Robert E. Lee Scholarship

Erik A. Schatz
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

Arizona – Gamma Epsilon
Clayton R. Lanham
Gamma Epsilon Scholarship

Arkansas – Alpha Omicron
Chris M. Plate
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Arkansas State – Delta Eta
Chris D. Easley
Samuel Z. Ammen Memorial Scholarship
The Cain Family Scholarship

Auburn – Nu
Eugene F. McManus
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

T. Graham Norwood
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

Tyler D. Reynolds
Dr. Joseph G. Webster Scholarship
Stewart Turley Scholarship
Dick Wilson Scholarship

James C. Salter
Jack B. Carter II/Nu Scholarship

Austin Peay State – Zeta Tau
Daniel L. Bunger
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Thomas W. Carvell
John R. Berryman Scholarship
Fred W. Dismuke Scholarship
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Daniel N. Pitts
Hunter W. Henry Scholarship
Dr. Bolling S. DuBose Jr. Scholarship

Mark A. Travis Jr.
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

California – Alpha Xi
Tye A. Chait
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Davidson – Sigma
Scott C. Cauthen
Marshall James Donathan Jr. Scholarship
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Delaware – Beta Epsilon
Adam D. Reese
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Delta State – Delta Beta
Johnathan B. Bishop
Henry G. Tiller Jr. Scholarship
John W. Nowell Scholarship

Eastern Kentucky – Delta Mu
Kyle D. Brant
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Elon – Epsilon Mu
Davis W. Millans
William C. Morrow Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Emory – Epsilon
Hansol Lee
James H. Sammons M.D. Scholarship
Jesse and Lala Sammons Scholarship

Victor T. Warren
Mark Huntington Pruitt Scholarship
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Florida Gulf Coast – Zeta Pi
Nathan A. Gennara
Crawford Province Scholarship
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship
George O’Mara Memorial Scholarship

George Washington – Alpha Nu
Derek S. Lee
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

P. Varun Moktan
William C. Morrow Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Moose A. Naderpoor
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship



Georgetown – Beta Delta
Joshua T. Mahoney
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

William C. Yager
McCall Trust Scholarship

Georgia – Gamma
J. Chilton McKnight
KAOEF Scholarship

Peter B. Whatley
Michael B. Hargrove Memorial Scholarship
William C. Morrow Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Monroe “Bookie” Clark Scholarship

Georgia College – Epsilon Nu
Steven G. McElveen Jr.
Hart/Heath/Waters/Sims Memorial Scholarship
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Hampden-Sydney – Alpha Tau
James R. Foster
William C. Morrow Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Indiana State – Zeta Iota
Kyle N. Scheffel
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship
LCPL David Keith Fribley

Kentucky – Theta
Jackson H. Buchanon
William C. Morrow Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Louisiana State – Alpha Gamma
Wayne G. Zeringue III
Thomas C. Main Memorial Scholarship

McNeese State – Delta Xi
Patrick W. Brown
Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

Memphis – Gamma Gamma
Thomas P. Hall
Col. David R. Williams Scholarship
Julian Pardini Scholarship
Jay Claude Conrad Scholarship

Miami – Epsilon Lambda
George T. Dallman
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

Taylor D. Dickey
Thomas G. Paulson II Scholarship
Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship
KAOEF Scholarship

Robert M. Yoder
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

Middle Tennessee State – Delta Lambda
Christopher J. Davis
William C. Morrow Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Midwestern State – Gamma Omega
Jesse C. Brown
Robert E. Lee Scholarship

Clayton D. Brown
Dr. Idris R. Traylor Jr. Scholarship

Millsaps – Alpha Mu
Kirk K. Clark
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Garrett D. Coble
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Joseph A. de Gruy
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Richard W. Huye III
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

Weston M. Newman
Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship

Mississippi – Alpha Upsilon
William R. Boyles
Jim Hunter Scholarship
Emmett Lee Irwin Scholarship

W. Emmett Manning
Richard B. Wilson Scholarship
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

L. Tyler Williams
Irby Turner III Scholarship
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship
Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

North Texas – Gamma Lambda
J. Casey Burkhardt
John Paul Rector Scholarship
Charles W. McCrary Scholarship



Oklahoma – Beta Eta
Matthew G. Brownlee
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Purdue – Epsilon Rho
Michael R. Genovese
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Southern Illinois – Zeta Sigma
Brock E. Kabat
William L. Meier Scholarship
Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

Tennessee – Pi
Will G. Hodge
Charlie R. Ashford Scholarship
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Justin T. McGee
Timothy K. Adams Scholarship

Owen C. Rockett
Founders Scholarship
Hugh Comer Scholarship

Grant T. Williamson
Robert E. Lee Scholarship

Texas-Arlington – Delta Iota
Thomas S. Seliga
James D. Roessler Scholarship

Valdosta State – Delta Rho
John W. Ledwitch IV
Knights of Arlington Scholarship

Virginia Tech – Epsilon Eta
Brandon L. Barr
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

Wake Forest – Tau
Barron P. Jeter
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship
John L. Hall Scholarship

Andrew R. Nickle
John W. Nowell Scholarship

Washington & Lee – Alpha
Jacob C. Rudolph
Warren Frazier Scholarship

Western Kentucky – Epsilon Theta
Chase M. McNulty
Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

Jeffrey S. Moad
F. M. Stevenson Scholarship

William Jewell – Alpha Delta
Jake R. Hartley
Clyde E. Williams Scholarship
Jack R. Taylor Schoalrship

Wingate – Zeta Zeta
Addison P. McDowell
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Wofford – Delta
Graham S. Miller
E. Fleming Mason Scholarship
Robert E. Lee Scholarship







2013 Emerging Leaders Academy


Emerging Leaders Academy registration is now live!

Please direct your members to register for the 2013 Emerging Leaders Academy scheduled to take place June 12-15, 2013 in Lexington, Virginia.

Go to this link to register and learn more.

The registration deadline is May 29th.

Registration Fee – $275 per person
*If you register a fourth member from your chapter you will receive 1 FREE registration.
(This does not include the Crusade RoundTable conference)

Mock Chapter Advisors
We are still accepting Mock Chapter Advisor Applications through May 15th. One of the successful aspects of our conference is using undergraduate leaders to facilitate small group discussions. If you are have outstanding leadership skills and are knowledgeable about Kappa Alpha Order chapter operations, please consider applying to be a Mock Chapter Advisor. Apply to be a Mock Chapter Advisor.

Mock Chapter Advisors are required to pay for their travel to and from the conference and need to arrive to Lexington, Virginia by Tuesday, June 11th by 4 PM. The Kappa Alpha Order National Administrative Office pays for all meals and lodging. In order to be accepted as a Mock Chapter Advisor you must bring four other chapter members to the conference.

For any questions, please contact Brent Fellows or at 540-463-1865.

Comment below if you’ve attended and benefited from ELA!




Two Important Member Surveys

We need you to take ‘em both!

Two member surveys are being sent via email this week. Please take ‘em both!


FIRST: RAP Index – Positions & influence networks with Congress.

Click here to begin: http://re.spon.se/QHtIPQ

This first survey involves the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee and the Fraternal Government Relations Coalition.

As professionals, voters, volunteers and contributors to the communities where we live and work, your voices and opinions are extremely influential. Through this brief survey you can provide information on the issues that are important to you, the stakeholders within your personal KA and fraternity/sorority network, and the level of advocacy you would be willing to undertake on our behalf.

Many members of national fraternities and sororities are taking this survey. Help KA lead the way.

We greatly appreciate your time and participation.  We would love for you to forward this email along to any fraternity or sorority member that you think would be interested in it.



SECOND: Member Engagement & Experience.

Click here to have your email address added to the distribution list: www.cygresearch.com/greeksurvey

This second survey invites our alumni to participate in our national member engagement survey. Working alongside a dozen other fraternities this research will enable us to learn more from our members about how we can improve their fraternal experience after graduation, build greater relationships with members, and enhance the role of brothers within the fraternity.

All alumni for whom we have email addresses have been sent a personal invitation email to participate in the research.  If you did not receive a survey invitation but would like to be involved, you can add your email address to our distribution list at www.cygresearch.com/greeksurvey.

Everyone who participates in the survey will receive a brief summary of the findings at the end of the project.  We hope you will add your voice to this important research which promises to strengthen the fraternal experience for all brothers.

Thanks for your efforts, brothers!


Contact communications@ka-order.org with any questions!

Recruiting with Character

Four essential points to ensure long-term chapter success.

by E. Preston Prichett III (Nu – Auburn ’10), Associate Director for Chapter Services

Do you have the desire to recruit strong members who already represent the values we believe in as KAs? Then its important to make an immediate distinction, now, between “front line go-getters” and “back row quitters.” Where do you start? You should start at recruitment. What are some traits that you review when evaluating a potential new member for your chapter? Athletics? Grades? Involvement? None of these are wrong…  but there are others things to review.

Are you reviewing your potential member’s character? You should be. His character in recruitment and new member education are tell-tale signs to his character as a brother.

Here are four key points to ensuring your recruitment is successful:

  1. KA doesn’t try to create our morals in the minds of our new members, we seek out those potential new members who live out our ideals every day. We help them perpetuate and grow their understanding of these values. If potential new members are not reflective of our values and principles, then they should not become KAs. (are your brothers reflective of these or have they gotten a pass too?)
  2. All chapter recruitment events are to be completely dry. If you try to recruit brothers with booze, you’ll find all you have is guys who want to drink. Alcohol increases the riskiness of recruitment events, and can lead to potential injuries. Underage drinking doesn’t make you cool, it puts yourself and your chapter at risk. Being a role model, gaining respect of younger members, that will make you cool–if you chose to drink also then so be it.
  3. Potential new members are at your recruitment events because they want to become brothers–why else would they be there. Show them what they can aspire to be. Brothers that hold a good GPA and are active in other campus organizations look more appealing than “weekend warriors” in the long run. They will model themselves after your influence. Don’t get mad when they do live up to a standard you’ve set but not lived.
  4. Finally, nothing causes a chapter to lose its charter faster than drug violations. Illegal paraphernalia has no place in KA. Therefore it should NOT be associated with recruitment events. Humans tend to attract those similar to ourselves, so if you desire to have a Clean Chapter you need to recruit Clean Members.

Consider character. Model the way. Start right from the beginning and you’ll finish strong at the end.