A Season for Thanks

By Barry B. Donnell, Chairman and President
Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation

During this special season, it is traditional to think about those who have made our lives better and, when possible, to express our appreciation. At Kappa Alpha Order, we are grateful to our many friends and alumni who are active in the life of KA, whether they participate in local alumni chapters, serve on active chapter alumni advisory committees or house corporations, help identify young men for membership, serve as national volunteers, or provide financial support. For all the ways you make KA better, THANK YOU!

Perhaps at this time you are thinking about expressing tangibly your appreciation for what Kappa Alpha Order has meant to you, and at the same time helping give today’s brothers the opportunity to receive a great KA experience.  A check made payable to the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF) or a donation made through our online form, in an amount that is right for you, is a wonderful way to convey these wishes.  However, for some there are other strategies that may offer a better result.  Following are some that may be right for you.

A Gift From Your Individual Retirement Account

If you are 70 1/2 or older, you can use the funds in your IRA to make your contribution without having to recognize the amount of the distribution, which would normally be included in your taxable income.  Simply notify your IRA administrator to make a “qualified charitable distribution” to KAOEF in the amount you choose, up to a maximum of $100,000.  To receive this benefit, you should make sure that the administrator sends the payment directly to KAOEF, rather than to you personally. An added benefit is that qualified charitable distributions count toward your annual required minimum distribution.  If you are not yet 70 1/2, you may wish to consider naming KAOEF as a survivor beneficiary of all or a portion of your IRA.  Simply contact your administrator and request a beneficiary designation form.

A Gift of Appreciated Securities

Due to recent changes in the law, a number of people will be paying higher capital gains tax rates when they sell investments that have grown in value.  And with the recent run up in the stock market, you may be wondering how to best manage the potential taxes generated by these gains.  One way is to use securities you have held for more than one year to make a gift to KAOEF.  By using this strategy, you can take a tax deduction for the current market value of the asset without having to recognize any of the gain in your taxable income.  Such a contribution can easily be made electronically from your brokerage account to the KAOEF account.  You can also receive the same benefits if you use mutual fund shares to make your gift.  However, it sometimes takes a little longer than using individual securities to complete the gift.  So now would be a good time to get the process started.  Simply contact the KAOEF for specific instructions and assistance.

A Gift That Gives Back

Perhaps you would like to make a significant contribution but cannot afford to give up the income generated by the contributed asset.  If so, a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust might be the best method for you.  Both these strategies provide current tax benefits, including a charitable contribution deduction, but allow you (and/or another person of your choosing) to receive income from the gifted asset.  Your personal circumstances will dictate whether a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust would be the better method for you.  We would be happy to visit with you further about selecting the most advantageous strategy.

If you have questions or need additional information about any of the gift options mentioned here, please contact Ben Satcher, Chief Development Officer for the KAOEF at (540) 460-4148 or bsatcher@ka-order.org.

We send you our warmest wishes for a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years.

150th Anniversary Alumni Directory Announced

by: William H. Walker (Beta Tau – Mississippi State ’07) Director of Alumni Engagement

Rest assured, this project is sanctioned by KA, your information will not be sold, and any purchases will benefit the Order.

Kappa Alpha Order is excited to announce the launch of the 2015 Alumni Directory. This is one of many exciting projects for our upcoming 150th Anniversary.  The directory will be published and available beginning in 2015. This will be the 15th edition of the Alumni Directory for the nearly 150 year history of Kappa Alpha Order. Learn more about this Alumni Directory project through a common set of questions and answers.

We have partnered with PCI (also known as Publishing Concepts) to produce our new alumni directory.  PCI is a 30 year-old company located in Dallas, TX, that publishes directories for educational institutions, fraternities, sororities, and military organizations across the nation. This project allows Kappa Alpha Order to receive important updates to our database so we know more about our members and how we can better serve you and our future members.

You may also be asked to give an honorary gift to the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation. This will be an unrestricted gift and will support the Sesquicentennial Celebration.

Since there have been nearly 160,000 initiates in our history, over 120,000 of those still living, PCI will be contacting alumni in different waves. At some point over the next several months, you should receive an email and/or a postcard from PCI. Both the email and postcard will have a number for you to call and ensure that your information is up to date. You may also receive a phone call. You will be able to purchase a directory while speaking with the PCI representative. Please be assured that PCI is a legitimate company and that your information will be kept secure and confidential.

Should you have any questions, I’d be happy to help as best as I can, and can be reached at wwalker@ka-order.org or 540-463-1865.


Apply to Lobby in DC!

Apply now to lobby on behalf of the fraternity/sorority community in Washington, D.C.!

Kappa Alpha Order is committed to sending four KAs if selected. Apply NOW!

The Fraternal Government Relations Coalition (FGRC), comprised of the National Panhellenic Conference, North-American Interfraternity Conference, and the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee, is looking for outstanding campus and chapter leaders to serve as advocates for the fraternity and sorority community in Washington, D.C. This is a great opportunity for any students who are interested in combining their fraternity or sorority experience with their passion for politics. Each year, FGRC sends student leaders to our nation’s capital to advocate for legislation that is important to the success of fraternity and sorority organizations across the country.

The Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (CHIA) is a bill that would help make fraternity and sorority housing safer and more affordable for students. Alumni and students have been working together for several years to gather support for this bill by lobbying on behalf of the fraternity and sorority community. Student participation is a crucial part in gaining support from members of Congress who are eager to hear about students’ current experiences on campus and in fraternity and sorority housing.


This unique opportunity allows participants to experience Washington, D.C. in a new way through direct interaction in the legislative process. Many past participants have also found this to be a great opportunity for networking, gaining a greater perspective on the political process and for some it has been the launch of a career in public service!

The Congressional visits will take place in Washington, D.C on April 27-May 1, 2014. If selected, students will be expected to participate in prep work leading up to training sessions and visits that will include securing letters of support from their university’s president, vice president or chancellor, as well as passing a student government resolution in support of CHIA. It is also important that students are aware that they will miss at least 3-4 days of school that week and should be prepared to plan accordingly with their professors during that time.

To apply, please submit an application via the following link by December 13th.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Amy Davenport (202-457-6528) with Patton Boggs.

Or, contact Michael Wilson (540-319-1464) at the National Administrative Office.

The planning for the Gamma Psi 50th Reunion

Sample Planning Guide & Reunion Planning Review
50-year chapter anniversary
(adapted from Gamma Psi Chapter)

CLICK HERE for the Reunion Planning Review Document

2008 (5 years out)

Initial discussions
Realizing the 50th celebration would be five years ahead, discussions were began about what events should be planned and how. This was an informal discussion to begin the thinking process.

Past and updated archives planning
A closet at the fraternity house had been used for many years as storage for composite photographs, records, newsletters and assorted memorabilia for the 45-year history of the chapter. This was not ideal.

Contact was made with the Archivist at the University Library to see if storage of historic items could be arranged. Since the university collections had little documentation of student organizations except for yearbooks and newspapers, the Campus Library was pleased to accept our offer to donate.

The process of sifting through boxes of files began. Any documents about student life and the members were hauled to the library along with any composite not hanging at the house. Then as a new composite arrives, the one taken down is moved to the university archives.

Discussions began about an exhibit to be organized for the 50th reunion and include its opening as an event for the planned celebration in 2013.


2009 (4 years out)

Continued discussions
Continued to think through what events would be most successful in attracting the largest number of “old” and “new” alumni.

The work in 2009 was basic organization to be ready for promotion of the reunion


2010 (3 years out)

Venue selection
The only venue largest enough for a dance to be the culminating event of a two-day celebration was the Natchitoches Events Center, and it would only accept reservations three years out. The first week in 2010 we booked the entire building. Being an university-affiliated group, a discount was given which reduced the cost by 10%.

Formal organization of Reunion Steering Committee
Once the facility was reserved the need for an organizational structure to recruit the highest attendance possible became apparent.

The planning was extended to a local Reunion Steering Committee of six alumni with an invitation to the chapter president to attend. These alumni reflected initiates from the 70s through late 1990s but each had a constituency of friends who could be useful in creating a successful reunion.

Two of our committee members were employed at the university (both former Number Is), another was a local KA banker, another from the 1970s was a former Number I and well known in the community, a former Number I, initiated in 1999 who as a salesman came to town weekly with many KA alumni friends in Shreveport from his generation, and finally a retired faculty member who already was producing an alumni newsletter three times a year and involved with the Active Chapter. He also had maintained a database since 1988 of members, which became an important resource in the reunion planning.

University alumni office involvement
Northwestern State University Alumni Office has allowed fraternities and sororities to mail their newsletters without cost (except producing the document) in an envelope with its return address and Address Correction Requested. Any returns or address changes is first processed in its records and then given to the local chapter for changes in its database.

Constituency engagement
The steering committee realized the best the way to get more alumni involved was through friends who had been in the fraternity.

The chapter had two semi-organized alumni groups. One from the 1960s who met each summer for a day of golfing. The second group, mostly of 1970 initiates, had used a fishing tournament over a fall weekend to be its annual meeting event.

The leaders of these groups were notified early since they would be essential in locating and encouraging attendance from the two oldest groups of members.


2011 (2 years out)

Utilization of organized age-based alumni groups
When the two organized groups had their annual events, information was given about reunion plans and to “hold the date.”

Newsletters starting in 2011 included the dates of reunion in 2013


2012 (1 year out)

Direct planning begins
The direct planning began early in 2012 with three tracks:

1. Planning events that would encourage the largest attendance (Parties by Decade).

Golf tournaments and sporting events were nixed as official activities. They could restrict numbers involved and also have spouses and guests left for our group to entertain or plan activities.

As such, all events were for everyone to attend.

The only exception was the first evening, as “Parties by Decades” became the event. Each group met by the decade they were initiated in a separate location, and each group planned its own activities outside the official schedule.

The 1960s group met in a patio with outside seating as well as a separate cash bar from the restaurant.

The 1970s chose an outdoor dining deck at a popular restaurant overlooking a lake. There was a fixed price buffet and each person paid for their drinks.

The 1980s bunch was downtown with a fixed price buffet of appetizers and cash bar.

The 1990s combined with the past 10 years since the participation of recent initiates would probably be less (which it was). The group had appetizers and a cash bar.

Our small historic town with a busy downtown had lodging and enough restaurants for three of the decade parties to be within a block and a half of each other and many were able to book lodging in a local inn or B&Bs.

Folks staying in this area were able to visit the KA House, the Memorial Service, and the Parties by Decades by walking.

The Reunion Steering Committee allowed each group to plan its Friday night event without any input.

2. Promotion through team leaders by decades to encourage attendance

The identity of our team leaders was announced early in 2012 and each “took over” contact with their group. This allowed for the steering committee to focus on overall reunion planning.

Interestingly one team leader of the 1980s lived in Amsterdam and was able to have as much contact and involvement by email and Skype.

3. Social Media and direct mail for overall group contact.

The retired faculty member on the steering committee established a Facebook page, Gamma Psi 50th, which became the main contact for the general audience of Gamma Psi members.

He used the last 50 years of college yearbooks as a source of photographs and the pictures he had hauled to the archives. For Facebook image resolution or quality was not critical so he was able to shoot many of pictures posted with an iPhone. By tagging the members in the pictures, the increased traffic garnered big interest and chatter among friends.

On Facebook, Gamma Psi 50th is an open site and can still be viewed.

In addition, the chapter mailed three newsletters, the summer edition, the fall edition and the spring edition in early January devoted exclusively to the Reunion with information on lodging options, activities, looking for bad addresses of members, and also trying to determine the deceased members for a memorial service.

The university alumni office assisted by researching its database and also trying to verify who we thought was deceased. Each time we published a list someone on it reported in alive and a couple more deceased were added to the list.


2013 (the reunion)

The Events
Several strategies developed in planning activities for the two-day reunion.

We wanted to get the alumni involved with the history of the chapter and the fraternity house and active members early but still not conflict with the planned activities.

Library Exhibition and Registration - Friday afternoon
Having stored historical documents in the library for several years and a cooperative staff, the first event on the agenda was opening of the exhibition, 50 Years of KA at Northwestern. The library was on the street into town from the interstate so registration and pickup of nametags were combined.

A concern among those planning was few folks would stop at the library but proceed to their lodging or the fraternity Open House later in the afternoon.

This concern was not valid since the largest crowd ever to attend an exhibition opening in the archives visited. An electronic counter indicated 351 guests entered between noon and 4pm.

The university library is closed on Friday afternoons so arrangements were made for access to the guests attending the KA function on the third floor. Active Members greeted guests outside and directed them to the elevators. The first two KA contacts for alumni participants were the KA letters in front of the building and chapter members outside the building.

All composites in the chapter history except the ones hanging at the KA House were on display. Another area had the all the small individual composites spread over two tables. Glass exhibit cases held an assortment of memorabilia including the original application for active chapter status and numerous T-shirts since the chapter’s founding.

The items donated were a great source of conversation among guests. A member had sent the hand written invoice for dues from 1971 and his university ID card. The variety of displayed items made the exhibition appealing for spouses and campus guests that also were invited.

Many yearbooks spread over the years were open in glass cases to the KA chapter page.

Open KA House - Friday early evening
The fraternity house is the only Greek lodging in a residential district so in order for neighbors not to complain about traffic and the commotion, invitations to the neighbors for the Open House were hand delivered by Active Chapter members.

The university alumni office hosted the refreshments, and the planning committee purchased a birthday cake to cut as a part of the program.

The university president, the city mayor, and Knight Commander William E. Dreyer attended. These invitations were made months in advance. The University alumni director, a KA, was master of ceremonies and gave opening remarks on the general history of the chapter, the university president talked briefly about Greeks on campus and their role, the mayor recognized the chapter for its 40 years of presence in this location and its contributions to the community, the Knight Commander talked about KA on campus and the connection with the Order as a whole, the chapter presented a tree to the university president to plant on campus as a symbol of future growth. (The chapter had presented a tree to the campus at its 30th birthday.)

The university marketing folks posted a short video on YouTube of the reception, which can be viewed at


Following the formal part of the program, the first KA Rose in 1963 and the latest Rose from 2012 cut the birthday cake representing continuity in the chapter’s history.

Alumni were invited to tour the house and property. With so many activities planned over two days having the reception first insured everyone had time to come to the house and enjoy reminiscing together.

The excitement generated at the Open KA House was a great start to the weekend activities.

Then each group had an hour or so before the Parties by Decades began around 7pm.

Parties by Decades - Friday evening
Each party had a coordinator or coordinators who did all the planning, coordinating with guys from his era and carrying out the event.

The last decade was combined with the 1990s since we expected (and had few) attendees from the past 10 years.

All four groups opted for a location associated with a restaurant and bar. All had private rooms or area for their groups.

Our steering committee had little input or coordination, but the alumni coordinating had used the email and mailing lists for contacts. Team leaders worked phones to contact guys from their time period to attend the reunion and the Friday night party.

These parties were all successful with large attendance.

Memorial Service - Saturday morning
With two Methodist ministers in our alumni base, an idea evolved to host a memorial service at the local Methodist church just a block from the KA House.

Since the event was at 10am at the beginning of a long day, the steering committee was not sure how well attended the even would be. Our attendance was close to 150 with alumni, actives and spouses/guest.

Besides the two alumni officiating (Rev. Ray Varnado and Rev. Fred Fraser) and Ben W. Satcher, Jr. (Former Knight Commander and Chief Development Officer for the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation), the local Methodist minister was on the program as well as an alumni leader, along with the Active Chapter I, II, and III.

Parts of the service were adapted from the public KA ceremony, “Chapter of Sorrow.”

Total time was about 45 minutes and certainly an appropriate and emotionally stimulating beginning to the day.

Lawn Party Picnic - Saturday afternoon     
The largest event planned for the reunion weekend was a Lawn Party at Cherokee Plantation where actives, dates, alumni, guests and parents of actives were invited.

The owners of Cherokee live out of town but on-site coordination was done with the full-time staff on the property. The Big House was not used because of lack of host and hostess for the historic property. A camp across the road on the banks of the Cane River Lake with a large garden of live oaks tree was the site of the picnic.

The caterer had access to a kitchen; two bathrooms in the camp were used for women. Porta-johns were rented for men.

The idea for a picnic event allowed for more seating and less restrictions on attendance.

A caterer was hired one year out. Arrangements for table and chair rentals were also booked a year out.

The event started at noon with the intention to eat about 12:50pm.

Then a program would recognize alumni, chapter members, parents and guests. Also several scholarships were presented. Knight Commander William E. Dreyer was the guest speaker. The event was dignified, yet relaxed.

Total length of the program was about 30 minutes.

Following the picnic and program, the whole group walked across the road to take the official photo in front of the Cherokee Plantation home. A video of the photo shoot is at


The schedule was kept, and the event ended before 3pm giving everyone rest time before the final event, an Old South Ball that night.

Old South Ball
The only venue large enough for a dance was the local city-owned Events Center. It had been reserved three years out. The services offered include full setup of tables, chairs, stage, and dance floor. A cash bar was contracted to a third party vendor. The rules of the venue require 1 security guard for 100 guests so planning for a maximum attendance of 500; we hired through the local city police five off-duty officers for $100 each.

Hiring a band to appeal to a diverse audience from 70-year-old alumni to current undergraduates was a challenge. An alumni committee in Shreveport watched and searched. The best choice turned out to be a band that specializes in cover music used to appeal to a diverse audience.

Remarkably at midnight when local regulations require the party to end, there were “old folks” as well as undergraduates on the floor for the last dance.

The band proved to be a popular compromise for all.


Assessment (post reunion)

How do you assess whether the reunion was successful?
Right at 200 alumni registered, with actives in the chapter and members on alumni status still enrolled in an undergraduate degree program, attendance of KAs totaled close to 230. Since the chapter has initiated just a few over 900 members in 50 years, the total attendance was around 25% of the total.

Our goal going into planning the reunion was 200 in attendance, and we achieved that.

In addition the registration process collected email addresses and a phone number for each alumnus. This is a valuable resource for future chapter alumni activities. A simple online form can be built or the active chapter can assist on their website.

Already alumni realizing such a big reunion is not feasible on a regular basis are planning group reunions in the next several years. This would be an important chapter support tool.

Also some alumni were not able to attend because of work or family obligations want to be included in activities planned in the next several years.

Many photographs from the weekend are still being posted on the Facebook site, Gamma Psi 50th. Even though the event has past, the site will continue to be used for alumni contact since nearly everyone attending was on Facebook or got on it for the information distributed during the planning stage.

How did we do financially?
With a $100 registration fee and a total income of about $20,000, all bills were paid including some for house repairs necessary to get the place ready for the Open House. About $2,000 should be left after some remaining bills are paid, and that will be placed in the Alumni Account to support chapter activities.

Were the results worth the efforts?
YES, our alumni base is much involved and active. The chapter has a greater realization of what being a KA means to men 70 years old. We are already hearing stories about what this old guy did or said about his chapter years, making the concept of KA a life-long experience much more meaningful than just something in a rush presentation or brochure.

ELA recap on Storify

2013 DC Interns Announced

The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation is proud to announce the 2013 E. Fleming Mason Memorial Interns, who will spend this summer in Washington, D.C. living together, working in the public and private sector, and gaining invaluable experience and knowledge. We’re proud of the men above who were selected through a length application and interview process. We wish them the best and hope their summer experience rivals those of the past many years.

Check out more about this internship program and what the KAOEF helps the Order to offer our undergraduate brothers!

The E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship Program was created to provide deserving undergraduates with the desire to become better educated and informed on both the public and private sectors of our national government. In addition, this program will give undergraduates the opportunity to gain professional work experience while living in the Washington, D.C. area. The E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship Program provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to any interested Kappa Alpha Order undergraduate. The internship, living and working in Washington, D.C., and interacting with other interns from across the country, provides an everlasting experience. If you have any questions, please contact Brent Fellows at the National Administrative Office either by phone, (540) 463-1865 or by e-mail, bfellows@ka-order.org.

KAOEF Announces 2013-2014 Scholarship Recipients

The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation is pleased to be able to provide scholarships to 98 great young men on the basis of their academic record, their involvement with the Kappa Alpha Order and other campus activities. Congrats to these lucky gentlemen! For more information about KAOEF scholarships, other support provided by the Foundation to the Order, and ways you can give, pelase visit www.KAOEF.org.



Alabama – Alpha Beta
Reid A. Harvey
W. E. Dunwody Province Scholarship

Nicholas M. Laskay
Robert E. Lee Scholarship

Erik A. Schatz
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

Arizona – Gamma Epsilon
Clayton R. Lanham
Gamma Epsilon Scholarship

Arkansas – Alpha Omicron
Chris M. Plate
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Arkansas State – Delta Eta
Chris D. Easley
Samuel Z. Ammen Memorial Scholarship
The Cain Family Scholarship

Auburn – Nu
Eugene F. McManus
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

T. Graham Norwood
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

Tyler D. Reynolds
Dr. Joseph G. Webster Scholarship
Stewart Turley Scholarship
Dick Wilson Scholarship

James C. Salter
Jack B. Carter II/Nu Scholarship

Austin Peay State – Zeta Tau
Daniel L. Bunger
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Thomas W. Carvell
John R. Berryman Scholarship
Fred W. Dismuke Scholarship
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Daniel N. Pitts
Hunter W. Henry Scholarship
Dr. Bolling S. DuBose Jr. Scholarship

Mark A. Travis Jr.
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

California – Alpha Xi
Tye A. Chait
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Davidson – Sigma
Scott C. Cauthen
Marshall James Donathan Jr. Scholarship
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Delaware – Beta Epsilon
Adam D. Reese
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Delta State – Delta Beta
Johnathan B. Bishop
Henry G. Tiller Jr. Scholarship
John W. Nowell Scholarship

Eastern Kentucky – Delta Mu
Kyle D. Brant
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Elon – Epsilon Mu
Davis W. Millans
William C. Morrow Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Emory – Epsilon
Hansol Lee
James H. Sammons M.D. Scholarship
Jesse and Lala Sammons Scholarship

Victor T. Warren
Mark Huntington Pruitt Scholarship
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Florida Gulf Coast – Zeta Pi
Nathan A. Gennara
Crawford Province Scholarship
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship
George O’Mara Memorial Scholarship

George Washington – Alpha Nu
Derek S. Lee
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

P. Varun Moktan
William C. Morrow Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Moose A. Naderpoor
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship



Georgetown – Beta Delta
Joshua T. Mahoney
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

William C. Yager
McCall Trust Scholarship

Georgia – Gamma
J. Chilton McKnight
KAOEF Scholarship

Peter B. Whatley
Michael B. Hargrove Memorial Scholarship
William C. Morrow Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Monroe “Bookie” Clark Scholarship

Georgia College – Epsilon Nu
Steven G. McElveen Jr.
Hart/Heath/Waters/Sims Memorial Scholarship
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Hampden-Sydney – Alpha Tau
James R. Foster
William C. Morrow Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Indiana State – Zeta Iota
Kyle N. Scheffel
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship
LCPL David Keith Fribley

Kentucky – Theta
Jackson H. Buchanon
William C. Morrow Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Louisiana State – Alpha Gamma
Wayne G. Zeringue III
Thomas C. Main Memorial Scholarship

McNeese State – Delta Xi
Patrick W. Brown
Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

Memphis – Gamma Gamma
Thomas P. Hall
Col. David R. Williams Scholarship
Julian Pardini Scholarship
Jay Claude Conrad Scholarship

Miami – Epsilon Lambda
George T. Dallman
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

Taylor D. Dickey
Thomas G. Paulson II Scholarship
Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship
KAOEF Scholarship

Robert M. Yoder
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

Middle Tennessee State – Delta Lambda
Christopher J. Davis
William C. Morrow Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Midwestern State – Gamma Omega
Jesse C. Brown
Robert E. Lee Scholarship

Clayton D. Brown
Dr. Idris R. Traylor Jr. Scholarship

Millsaps – Alpha Mu
Kirk K. Clark
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Garrett D. Coble
Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Joseph A. de Gruy
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Richard W. Huye III
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

Weston M. Newman
Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship

Mississippi – Alpha Upsilon
William R. Boyles
Jim Hunter Scholarship
Emmett Lee Irwin Scholarship

W. Emmett Manning
Richard B. Wilson Scholarship
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

L. Tyler Williams
Irby Turner III Scholarship
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship
Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

North Texas – Gamma Lambda
J. Casey Burkhardt
John Paul Rector Scholarship
Charles W. McCrary Scholarship



Oklahoma – Beta Eta
Matthew G. Brownlee
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Purdue – Epsilon Rho
Michael R. Genovese
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Southern Illinois – Zeta Sigma
Brock E. Kabat
William L. Meier Scholarship
Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

Tennessee – Pi
Will G. Hodge
Charlie R. Ashford Scholarship
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Justin T. McGee
Timothy K. Adams Scholarship

Owen C. Rockett
Founders Scholarship
Hugh Comer Scholarship

Grant T. Williamson
Robert E. Lee Scholarship

Texas-Arlington – Delta Iota
Thomas S. Seliga
James D. Roessler Scholarship

Valdosta State – Delta Rho
John W. Ledwitch IV
Knights of Arlington Scholarship

Virginia Tech – Epsilon Eta
Brandon L. Barr
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship

Wake Forest – Tau
Barron P. Jeter
Vernon & Marion Piper Scholarship
John L. Hall Scholarship

Andrew R. Nickle
John W. Nowell Scholarship

Washington & Lee – Alpha
Jacob C. Rudolph
Warren Frazier Scholarship

Western Kentucky – Epsilon Theta
Chase M. McNulty
Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship

Jeffrey S. Moad
F. M. Stevenson Scholarship

William Jewell – Alpha Delta
Jake R. Hartley
Clyde E. Williams Scholarship
Jack R. Taylor Schoalrship

Wingate – Zeta Zeta
Addison P. McDowell
Harry J. Breithaupt Jr. Scholarship

Wofford – Delta
Graham S. Miller
E. Fleming Mason Scholarship
Robert E. Lee Scholarship







2013 Emerging Leaders Academy


Emerging Leaders Academy registration is now live!

Please direct your members to register for the 2013 Emerging Leaders Academy scheduled to take place June 12-15, 2013 in Lexington, Virginia.

Go to this link to register and learn more.

The registration deadline is May 29th.

Registration Fee – $275 per person
*If you register a fourth member from your chapter you will receive 1 FREE registration.
(This does not include the Crusade RoundTable conference)

Mock Chapter Advisors
We are still accepting Mock Chapter Advisor Applications through May 15th. One of the successful aspects of our conference is using undergraduate leaders to facilitate small group discussions. If you are have outstanding leadership skills and are knowledgeable about Kappa Alpha Order chapter operations, please consider applying to be a Mock Chapter Advisor. Apply to be a Mock Chapter Advisor.

Mock Chapter Advisors are required to pay for their travel to and from the conference and need to arrive to Lexington, Virginia by Tuesday, June 11th by 4 PM. The Kappa Alpha Order National Administrative Office pays for all meals and lodging. In order to be accepted as a Mock Chapter Advisor you must bring four other chapter members to the conference.

For any questions, please contact Brent Fellows or at 540-463-1865.

Comment below if you’ve attended and benefited from ELA!




Staff Updates

Staff Updates

Transitions, Promotions, & One Moving On…

Much is happening in Lexington, Virginia at the National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill. In an effort to keep our Official Family and key stakeholders better informed and engaged, we are testing the use of digital e-newsletters for information delivery.

We feel that important information may be better digested in this format. However, for archival purposes and your files, we will still include memos with this information.

[Official Memos regarding Staff Transitions]

Every fall, we begin compiling our list of potential candidates to join the National Administrative Staff as Associate Directors for Chapter Services and for Chapter Development.  These young men are directly responsible for working and interacting with our 121 active chapters and four provisional chapters.  The search and hiring process was concluded this January, and the new Associate Directors accepted offers to start work with Kappa Alpha Order, June 1, 2013.

Help us welcome the new staff, familiarize yourself with the transitions, and congratulate and wish well our own Brother Showalter!


Promoted – Director of Chapter Services

Daniel R. “Dan” Amato (Gamma Eta – Florida State ’07) has been named the Director of Chapter Services effective May 1, 2013. Currently an Associate Director for Chapter Services, Brother Amato will now be responsible for the direction of all chapter services, supervising the associate directors for chapter services, and assisting the Executive Director in risk management matters. [Contact Dan]


Promoted – Director of Alumni Engagement

William H. Walker (Beta Tau – Mississippi State ’07) has been named Director of Alumni Engagement.  William currently serves as an Associate Director of Chapter Services and will remain in that role until April 1.

As Director of Alumni Engagement William will manage, promote and provide support to all alumni activities of the Order. He will cultivate local volunteers, oversee the development of alumni advisory committees for every chapter and will be the primary contact for alumni chapters, courts of honor and commissions. He will oversee alumni training and certification for advisors at Province Councils and LeadershipKA, which encompasses volunteer education and recognition. He also will provide additional training for alumni advisory committees through webinars, online training and chapter visitations. He also will assist with the Loyal Order program and Forever KA. Finally, he will support chapters as they execute their alumni relations programs. [contact William]

Switching Over – Directors of Development

Stuart Whetsell (Delta Psi – Appalachian State ’08), above, and Andrew Phillip Carr (Epsilon Iota – Texas State ’00), below, have been named Directors of Development for the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF). Stuart comes to the Foundation following three years as Director of Chapter Services for the Order and a year as an associate director for chapter services. Andrew comes to the Foundation following a return to the Order’s staff including three years as an associate director for chapter development. [contact Stuart]

Stuart and Andrew’s primary responsibilities will be the cultivation and solicitation of mid-level gifts (primarily for the Crimson and Gold Society and Forever KA programs) in assigned geographic areas. They will also assist the Executive Director and staff in all areas of operation in accordance with the KAOEF bylaws. [contact Andrew]


Onward and Upward! – Leaving Staff

Erik T. Showalter, Chief Development Officer, will be leaving staff effective March 1, 2013. A transition has been ongoing since February 4, when Erik was offered and accepted the position of Director of Finance for Congressman Robert M. Pittenger (Omicron – Texas ’67) and for the Free Markets Political Action Committee (PAC), of which Congressman Pittenger is chairman. [for more read this blog post.]

Erik has served the National Administrative Office since he was hired as an Educational and Leadership Consultant in January, 2005, and has been with the Foundation since 2006. Erik was an integral part of the KAOEF and helped complete KA’s largest comprehensive capital campaign to-date, helped to create Forever KA and the Foundation Chapter program, was the architect of the re-launch of the Crimson & Gold Society and made the 1865 Trust an award winning planned giving program three years in a row.

We wish Erik all the best; he will be sorely missed. If you would like to stay in contact with Erik, contact him here.


New Associate Directors

Jeremy D. Duke (Delta Lambda – Middle Tennessee State ’09) graduates in May 2013, with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Business Administration. Originally from Columbia, Tennessee, Jeremy has served as homecoming chair, recruitment chair, Number V, Number II, and Number I of his chapter. In his free time he enjoys tennis, reading, boating, as well as playing piano, bass, and trumpet. Jeremy has also been a Mock Chapter Advisor for the Emerging Leaders Academy, attended Feller Province Council, and has lead the Model Initiation team for the Feller Province Council this spring.

David C. Merrill (Zeta Pi – Florida Gulf Coast ’08) graduates in May, 2013, with a degree in Legal Studies.  From Englewood, Florida, David served his chapter as the social chair, Number VIII, Number VI, and Number I. David also served as a Mock Chapter Advisor at the 2012 Emerging Leaders Academy as well as a facilitator for the 2013 Number I’s Leadership Institute. Furthermore, David was elected as a student government senator in the summer of 2012. In his free time he enjoys fishing, sports, traveling, and cooking.

Kevin P. Moritz (Alpha Eta – Westminster ’10) graduates in May 2013, with a degree in Biology.  During his time at Westminster, Kevin played Varsity Baseball, being named Captain his junior and senior year.  Kevin is a member of Tri-Beta (Biology Honors Society), Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, and Chi Alpha Sigma – a national student athlete honor society.  Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Kevin has served as Number VI, Phase 4 Commander, and Number I.  While Number I, his chapter was awarded the George C. Marshall Award for Chapter Excellence, as the top KA chapter in the nation.

Gregory L. “Greg” Waterworth (Beta Kappa – Maryland ’10) graduates in May 2013, with a degree in Government and Politics.  Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Greg has served his chapter as Number V and Number I, served as the IFC VP of Administrative Affairs from 2010-11, and as the Greek representative in the student government.  In 2012, Greg was honored to be named by the North American Interfraternity Conference, as the Undergraduate Fraternity Man of the Year with the undergraduate recipient of the “Award for Distinction.”  In addition, Greg served as his chapter’s philanthropy chairman, where he oversaw the raising of over $30,000 for breast cancer research initiatives. He is a member of the Order of Omega and in his free time enjoys movies, reading, outdoors, and traveling.

These men will be joining E. Preston Pritchett III (Nu – Auburn ’10), Joel Buck (Epsilon Nu – Georgia College ’08) and Dustin Brann (Alpha Omega – North Carolina State ’10) as members of the Associate Director team at the National Administrative Office.

We also express our sincere gratitude to Thomas D. Grimes, Jr.  (Delta Alpha – Western Carolina ’10) and the work he has done serving the National Administrative Staff.  As he finishes up this semester, we wish him a hearty farewell, and know that the Order is better for having him serve as a representative.

For all members of the staff, check out the staff calendar. 

Showalter to leave staff, work with Congressman

Erik T. Showalter, Chief Development Officer, will be leaving staff effective March 1, 2013. A transition has been ongoing since February 4, when Erik was offered and accepted the position of Director of Finance for Congressman Robert M. Pittenger (Omicron – Texas ’67) and for the Free Markets Political Action Committee (PAC), of which Congressman Pittenger is chairman. Congressman Pittenger was elected to his first term as a United States Congressman for North Carolina’s 9th District in November 2012. Erik (center) is pictured here, with Senator Marco Rubio (left) and Congressman Pittenger (right). The picture, and Congressman Pittenger, were highlighted in the most recent edition of The Kappa Alpha Journal

Erik has served the National Administrative Office since he was hired as an Educational and Leadership Consultant in January, 2005, and has been with the Foundation since 2006. Erik was an integral part of the KAOEF and helped complete KA’s largest comprehensive capital campaign to-date, helped to create Forever KA and the Foundation Chapter program, was the architect of the re-launch of the Crimson & Gold Society and made the 1865 Trust an award winning planned giving program three years in a row.

When Executive Director Larry Stanton Wiese asked Erik about what he was most proud, he characteristically stated that he was proud of having the opportunity to represent the Order and to be an ambassador for KA and KAOEF.

We wish Erik all the best; he will be sorely missed. If you would like to stay in contact with Erik, his information is below:

Erik Showalter

Ben W. Satcher, Jr. will assume the position of Chief Development Officer on March 1.