Lift High Your Glasses

Brothers and friends, a happy January 19th to all. Today we celebrate the birth of Robert E. Lee as well as our founding, in lieu of December 21. This is the traditional date for a Convivium Celebration, but those events may also be held throughout the year.

When our Alpha Chapter was forming in the early years of 1865-1870, Lee was in Lexington, Virginia, as President of Washington College (now Washington & Lee). His influence spread to all students. Indeed, his honor code was instituted with one line: “We have but one rule here, and it is that every student must be a gentleman.” Our principles of chivalry forming in our ritual were embodied in person through Lee’s words and actions. As such Lee was a gentleman and a real-life example to our founders. For us, those values remain true, today, as a Moral Compass for the Modern Gentleman.

While never a member, Lee was first dubbed our Spiritual Founder in 1923 by Former Knight Commander John Temple Graves.

A toast to Lee is given with water at a Convivium celebration. This is symbolic and appropriate as Lee did not drink alcohol. (in fact, he is quoted, “I like whiskey. I always did, and that is why I never drink it.”

Our Chief or Principle Founder was James Ward Wood and our Practical Founder was Samuel Zenas Ammen. To these members we also toast today.

Today, each newly chartered or rechartered chapter receives a print of a portrait of Lee in his office at Washington College (Gamma Mu at University of Houston, above). Lee was many things: military officer, leader, gentleman–but perhaps most important was his time as an educator.

We honor our past. We remember Lee’s traits. And we strive to embody our ideals for the future, as it belongs to us. The future could promise us no site so dear as the 150th Sesquicentennial Celebration in 2015.

So, Knights, Gentlemen, Brethren, lift high your glasses here tonight, and, in the liquid spotless as his fame, let us pledge forever KA, the Spiritual Founder of Kappa Alpha Order – Robert Edward Lee of old Virginia!

150th Anniversary Alumni Directory Announced

by: William H. Walker (Beta Tau – Mississippi State ’07) Director of Alumni Engagement

Rest assured, this project is sanctioned by KA, your information will not be sold, and any purchases will benefit the Order.

Kappa Alpha Order is excited to announce the launch of the 2015 Alumni Directory. This is one of many exciting projects for our upcoming 150th Anniversary.  The directory will be published and available beginning in 2015. This will be the 15th edition of the Alumni Directory for the nearly 150 year history of Kappa Alpha Order. Learn more about this Alumni Directory project through a common set of questions and answers.

We have partnered with PCI (also known as Publishing Concepts) to produce our new alumni directory.  PCI is a 30 year-old company located in Dallas, TX, that publishes directories for educational institutions, fraternities, sororities, and military organizations across the nation. This project allows Kappa Alpha Order to receive important updates to our database so we know more about our members and how we can better serve you and our future members.

You may also be asked to give an honorary gift to the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation. This will be an unrestricted gift and will support the Sesquicentennial Celebration.

Since there have been nearly 160,000 initiates in our history, over 120,000 of those still living, PCI will be contacting alumni in different waves. At some point over the next several months, you should receive an email and/or a postcard from PCI. Both the email and postcard will have a number for you to call and ensure that your information is up to date. You may also receive a phone call. You will be able to purchase a directory while speaking with the PCI representative. Please be assured that PCI is a legitimate company and that your information will be kept secure and confidential.

Should you have any questions, I’d be happy to help as best as I can, and can be reached at or 540-463-1865.


ELA recap on Storify

2013 Emerging Leaders Academy


Emerging Leaders Academy registration is now live!

Please direct your members to register for the 2013 Emerging Leaders Academy scheduled to take place June 12-15, 2013 in Lexington, Virginia.

Go to this link to register and learn more.

The registration deadline is May 29th.

Registration Fee – $275 per person
*If you register a fourth member from your chapter you will receive 1 FREE registration.
(This does not include the Crusade RoundTable conference)

Mock Chapter Advisors
We are still accepting Mock Chapter Advisor Applications through May 15th. One of the successful aspects of our conference is using undergraduate leaders to facilitate small group discussions. If you are have outstanding leadership skills and are knowledgeable about Kappa Alpha Order chapter operations, please consider applying to be a Mock Chapter Advisor. Apply to be a Mock Chapter Advisor.

Mock Chapter Advisors are required to pay for their travel to and from the conference and need to arrive to Lexington, Virginia by Tuesday, June 11th by 4 PM. The Kappa Alpha Order National Administrative Office pays for all meals and lodging. In order to be accepted as a Mock Chapter Advisor you must bring four other chapter members to the conference.

For any questions, please contact Brent Fellows or at 540-463-1865.

Comment below if you’ve attended and benefited from ELA!




Staff Updates

Staff Updates

Transitions, Promotions, & One Moving On…

Much is happening in Lexington, Virginia at the National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill. In an effort to keep our Official Family and key stakeholders better informed and engaged, we are testing the use of digital e-newsletters for information delivery.

We feel that important information may be better digested in this format. However, for archival purposes and your files, we will still include memos with this information.

[Official Memos regarding Staff Transitions]

Every fall, we begin compiling our list of potential candidates to join the National Administrative Staff as Associate Directors for Chapter Services and for Chapter Development.  These young men are directly responsible for working and interacting with our 121 active chapters and four provisional chapters.  The search and hiring process was concluded this January, and the new Associate Directors accepted offers to start work with Kappa Alpha Order, June 1, 2013.

Help us welcome the new staff, familiarize yourself with the transitions, and congratulate and wish well our own Brother Showalter!


Promoted – Director of Chapter Services

Daniel R. “Dan” Amato (Gamma Eta – Florida State ’07) has been named the Director of Chapter Services effective May 1, 2013. Currently an Associate Director for Chapter Services, Brother Amato will now be responsible for the direction of all chapter services, supervising the associate directors for chapter services, and assisting the Executive Director in risk management matters. [Contact Dan]


Promoted – Director of Alumni Engagement

William H. Walker (Beta Tau – Mississippi State ’07) has been named Director of Alumni Engagement.  William currently serves as an Associate Director of Chapter Services and will remain in that role until April 1.

As Director of Alumni Engagement William will manage, promote and provide support to all alumni activities of the Order. He will cultivate local volunteers, oversee the development of alumni advisory committees for every chapter and will be the primary contact for alumni chapters, courts of honor and commissions. He will oversee alumni training and certification for advisors at Province Councils and LeadershipKA, which encompasses volunteer education and recognition. He also will provide additional training for alumni advisory committees through webinars, online training and chapter visitations. He also will assist with the Loyal Order program and Forever KA. Finally, he will support chapters as they execute their alumni relations programs. [contact William]

Switching Over – Directors of Development

Stuart Whetsell (Delta Psi – Appalachian State ’08), above, and Andrew Phillip Carr (Epsilon Iota – Texas State ’00), below, have been named Directors of Development for the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF). Stuart comes to the Foundation following three years as Director of Chapter Services for the Order and a year as an associate director for chapter services. Andrew comes to the Foundation following a return to the Order’s staff including three years as an associate director for chapter development. [contact Stuart]

Stuart and Andrew’s primary responsibilities will be the cultivation and solicitation of mid-level gifts (primarily for the Crimson and Gold Society and Forever KA programs) in assigned geographic areas. They will also assist the Executive Director and staff in all areas of operation in accordance with the KAOEF bylaws. [contact Andrew]


Onward and Upward! – Leaving Staff

Erik T. Showalter, Chief Development Officer, will be leaving staff effective March 1, 2013. A transition has been ongoing since February 4, when Erik was offered and accepted the position of Director of Finance for Congressman Robert M. Pittenger (Omicron – Texas ’67) and for the Free Markets Political Action Committee (PAC), of which Congressman Pittenger is chairman. [for more read this blog post.]

Erik has served the National Administrative Office since he was hired as an Educational and Leadership Consultant in January, 2005, and has been with the Foundation since 2006. Erik was an integral part of the KAOEF and helped complete KA’s largest comprehensive capital campaign to-date, helped to create Forever KA and the Foundation Chapter program, was the architect of the re-launch of the Crimson & Gold Society and made the 1865 Trust an award winning planned giving program three years in a row.

We wish Erik all the best; he will be sorely missed. If you would like to stay in contact with Erik, contact him here.


New Associate Directors

Jeremy D. Duke (Delta Lambda – Middle Tennessee State ’09) graduates in May 2013, with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Business Administration. Originally from Columbia, Tennessee, Jeremy has served as homecoming chair, recruitment chair, Number V, Number II, and Number I of his chapter. In his free time he enjoys tennis, reading, boating, as well as playing piano, bass, and trumpet. Jeremy has also been a Mock Chapter Advisor for the Emerging Leaders Academy, attended Feller Province Council, and has lead the Model Initiation team for the Feller Province Council this spring.

David C. Merrill (Zeta Pi – Florida Gulf Coast ’08) graduates in May, 2013, with a degree in Legal Studies.  From Englewood, Florida, David served his chapter as the social chair, Number VIII, Number VI, and Number I. David also served as a Mock Chapter Advisor at the 2012 Emerging Leaders Academy as well as a facilitator for the 2013 Number I’s Leadership Institute. Furthermore, David was elected as a student government senator in the summer of 2012. In his free time he enjoys fishing, sports, traveling, and cooking.

Kevin P. Moritz (Alpha Eta – Westminster ’10) graduates in May 2013, with a degree in Biology.  During his time at Westminster, Kevin played Varsity Baseball, being named Captain his junior and senior year.  Kevin is a member of Tri-Beta (Biology Honors Society), Omicron Delta Kappa, Order of Omega, and Chi Alpha Sigma – a national student athlete honor society.  Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Kevin has served as Number VI, Phase 4 Commander, and Number I.  While Number I, his chapter was awarded the George C. Marshall Award for Chapter Excellence, as the top KA chapter in the nation.

Gregory L. “Greg” Waterworth (Beta Kappa – Maryland ’10) graduates in May 2013, with a degree in Government and Politics.  Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Greg has served his chapter as Number V and Number I, served as the IFC VP of Administrative Affairs from 2010-11, and as the Greek representative in the student government.  In 2012, Greg was honored to be named by the North American Interfraternity Conference, as the Undergraduate Fraternity Man of the Year with the undergraduate recipient of the “Award for Distinction.”  In addition, Greg served as his chapter’s philanthropy chairman, where he oversaw the raising of over $30,000 for breast cancer research initiatives. He is a member of the Order of Omega and in his free time enjoys movies, reading, outdoors, and traveling.

These men will be joining E. Preston Pritchett III (Nu – Auburn ’10), Joel Buck (Epsilon Nu – Georgia College ’08) and Dustin Brann (Alpha Omega – North Carolina State ’10) as members of the Associate Director team at the National Administrative Office.

We also express our sincere gratitude to Thomas D. Grimes, Jr.  (Delta Alpha – Western Carolina ’10) and the work he has done serving the National Administrative Staff.  As he finishes up this semester, we wish him a hearty farewell, and know that the Order is better for having him serve as a representative.

For all members of the staff, check out the staff calendar. 

A Convivium Post & Toast!

Brothers and friends, a happy January 19th and Convivium to you all! Today we celebrate the birth of our Spiritual Founder, Robert E. Lee, along with our founders and the founding of the Order. For when KA was born in 1865 at Washington College (now W&L), and for our first formative years, Lee was not only the President of that college, but a role model, mentor, and educator to all men attending classes at that time. With only a handful of students, his impact was great on each one. Indeed it was his own mandate: “I have a self-imposed task. I have led the young men of the South in battle. I must teach their sons to discharge their duty in life.”

It was Lee that said about his boys at Washington College, “We have but one rule here, and it is that every student must be a gentleman.” Our ancient principles of chivalry were embodied through Lee’s words and actions. As such Lee was a gentleman and a real-life example of chivalry to our founders. For us, those values remain true as a Moral Compass for the Modern Gentleman.

Fifty-eight years after our founding, Former Knight Commander John Temple Graves first toasted Lee as our Spiritual Founder. Today, ninety years later, and approaching the Order’s sesquicentennial, we honor him again. As Lee did not drink alcohol and for other symbolic reasons, the toast is done with water.

So, Knights, Gentlemen, Brethren, lift high your glasses here tonight, and, in the liquid spotless as his fame, let us pledge forever KA, the Spiritual Founder of Kappa Alpha Order – Robert Edward Lee of old Virginia!

Accepting Applications – Director of Alumni Engagement position created.

Recognizing the need for increased meaningful engagement of alumni as, among other roles, mentors, volunteers, and contributors, Executive Director Larry Stanton Wiese has announced the creation of the Director of Alumni Engagement. The position was created with strong support from the Executive Council and from a recommendation of the Alumni Engagement Task Force, chaired by Senior Councilor Darren S. Kay.

The Director of Alumni Engagement will be a member of the national administrative staff team and will report to the Executive Director.

For more information about working at the National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill and to access the online application, CLICK HERE.


Apply Now! Director(s) of Development Position (KAOEF)

Join the KAOEF Staff

The Kappa Alpha Order Education Foundation is excited to announce TWO new Directors of Development positions are now open for applications. Job description, reporting, and how to apply, all may be found HERE.


Click here to learn more about the creation of these positions and current KAOEF Staff.



KAOEF Promotions & Positions Announced

The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation is pleased to announce the following staffing updates:



Erik T. Showalter, CFRE (Gamma Alpha – Louisiana Tech University ’02) has been named Chief Development Officer for the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF). Brother Showalter will continue to cultivate and solicit major donor prospects, as well as coordinate and manage the KAOEF’s development programs and administration under my direction.




Ben W. Satcher, Jr (Delta Omicron – Clemson University ’79) has been named Major Gifts Officer for the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF). Former Knight Commander Satcher will manage major gift cultivation and solicitation for the KAOEF, as well as continue to oversee the Big for Brotherhood (B4B) event each year.




Additionally, the KAOEF will be recruiting and hiring two Directors of Development who will report to the Chief Development Officer and Executive Director. These directors will focus primarily of mid-level cultivation and solicitation including emphasis on both Forever KA and Crimson and Gold Society. A formal application may be found.

Septembeard! – Update Week 1 (sort of!)

by: Michael P. Wilson, Director of Fraternity Services

Heroes are made, not born. Heroes take action. Heroes lead. Heroes are selfless. Heroes change the course of history. Heroes save lives. Heroes… grow beards? (Side note: Every|Day Heros sure do). So, when Executive Director Larry Wiese read an advertisement recently in a magazine calling men to “Be a Hero. Grow a Beard” he challenged the national staff to be heroes. For the month of September many of the KA members of the national administrative staff will follow in the footsteps of thousands of other heroes in the country.

Septembeard is a not-for-profit organization with a simple, focused goal: eradicating prostate cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men, in our lifetime. This is a fundraising effort with a goal to “wipe prostate cancer off the face of the earth.” Donors can choose where their donations go and include: The Prostate Cancer Program of the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, The Johns Hopkins Prostate Cancer Team, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, The Prostate Cancer Program at Northwestern, MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center.

The name chosen by the staff is in honor of a former staffer, “Team Randy Beard.” You can learn more about Septembeard or donate by visiting OUR TEAM PAGE HERE. Please follow this blog to see progress as the staff exercises our motto, excellence is our aim!

Left to right, top row: Larry Wiese, Stuart Whetsell, Brent Fellows, Dan Amato.

Right to left, bottom row: Jeff Jackson, Jesse Lyons, Michael Wilson, James Luck.

WEEK TWO – (ish)












WEEK ONE – (Sort of)