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@kappaalphaorder surpasses 1865 followers on Twitter

[fancytext]Growth in followers  confirms need to communicate and engage across social networks[/fancytext]

By: Jesse S. Lyons, Director of Communciations

Last week, the Order reached and surpassed 1865 followers on the social network, Twitter. Our Twitter “handle” or name is @kappaalphaorder. We can easily be found at www.twitter.com/kappaalphaorder. Common followers are made up of brothers, family, friends, girlfriends and wives of KAs, greek life professionals, other fraternity and sorority members, and even vendors who sell products or services to our chapters.

By engaging in discussion with these stakeholders of our fraternity, KA is able to promote our fraternity on a grassroots level. Recently on Twitter, the Order has provided notification and promoted extraordinary recruitment success (#joinKA), helped launch important programs for the fraternity and Foundation, and engaged in a discussion on common hazing excuses (#40answers) with hundreds of other fraternity professionals across the country. This builds further affinity, provides for new types of camaraderie and support, and even gives members more direct communication with national fraternity officials. Staff and volunteers from across the country are beginning to link their personal Twitter feeds to the national website.

Hashtags (that funny # symbol) are used, without spaces, often to either 1) Communicate funny or important statements  (example: #IwishIwasbackinCollege) or 2) Help track a particular common theme, event, or what Twitter calls, a “trend.”  For example, currently there is a campaign on Twitter to answer those typical excuses about hazing. It includes hundreds of other fraternity and sorority men and women. The hashtag for this campaign is #40answers. If you search for that term (including the # symbol) you’ll find all posts regarding this campaign. To be part of the campaign, you simply update your Twitter and include #40answers in your post. Then you’ll be “trending” with the rest of the people participating. Honestly, the best way to learn is to try it out and practice.

Officially, the hashtag for the fraternity is simply #KA (others had been used, but this is the simplest, best version). Also those used often are #joinKA, #LoyalOrder, #foreverKA, #KAJournal, and any chapter, #DeltaAlpha for example. You can turn an KA slogan into a hashtag, such as #excellenceisouraim.

Many undergraduate chapters are utilizing Twitter for recruitment, announcements, communication within the chapter and alumni, and to promote their values, events, and reputation on campus. They will be linked, as known, to their chapter on our national chapter listing on the website.

Our Twitter “feed” is connected to the Order’s official facebook feed, found here. However, not all Twitter posts are relayed back to Facebook. Further, the NEW blog news feature on the website blasts our information to both social networks, creating a web of information easily found through common sites online. The hub of all information online for the Order should be found at our newly redesigned national website, www.kappaalphaorder.org. Check out the groundbreaking new format and striking design that already has our members and the fraternity and sorority world buzzing.

As luck would have it, the 1865th follower was a fellow KA brother. Mike Jones (Zeta Kappa – West Georgia ’97) signed on to follow @kappaalphaorder at the right time. Mike is the Senior Graphic Designer for OmegaFi in Columbus, Georgia. Below is a picture of Brother Jones and his family, including his wife, Karen and kids. From left to right they are: Elise (6), Carson (8 mo.), Jake (10), and Alexis (9).

Consider joining Twitter and following @kappaalphaorder for short and simple updates, exciting news, and to connect with the Order, your chapter, and your members. Post positive information about KA success, how your life has changed or improved due to KA, and why KA continues to be a leader among fraternities. Stay tuned for more exciting developments with KA’s online presence and for new ways to reconnect to the Order for life. As always, head back to www.kappaalphaorder.org for all things “KA” online.



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