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Recruitment Blog : Removing the Risk




We hear it all the time when talking to potential new members. “I don’t think I have the time to join a fraternity” or “I’m not sure I can afford it.” Here’s the simple truth – their first objection is rarely the main reason why they are hesitant about joining.

When we run into this situation, we need to find out what the true objection is and educate him on what is probably a misjudgment. So how do we do this? We remove the risk!

Recruiting Brother: “Jesse, I understand money may be a concern for you, is there anything else that you may be hesitant of?”

Potential New Member: “Actually yes, my parents say all fraternities do is party and they are afraid my grades might drop.”

You just found the true reason he is objecting!

RB: “I completely understand – if we could take these two concerns out of the equation, do you think you would be more likely to join?”

PNM: “Of course…”

Recruiter: “Well okay Jesse, how about we sit down for lunch tomorrow and I’ll bring you all the information about chapter finances and payment options for you to look over as well as information you can give your parents showing them all the great things we do including our grade report.”

Pretty easy, huh? Remove the risk from the situation, and then provide the necessary information to educate him on his objections.

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