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Where will your next job take you?

Travel the country, strengthen the Order as an ADCS/ADCD

Where will your next job take you?
A position with the Kappa Alpha Order National Administrative Office (NAO) can offer you a unique experience that is often unmatched in the professional world. The NAO is a small, non-profit business with a large reaching impact. Our select staff size immediately allows you to join and have an instant impact on an organizational membership of over 120,000. From day one you become a valued and essential member of the team.

Looking now
The NAO is looking for qualified members to join our staff. Candidates for Associate Director for Chapter Services (ADCS) and Associate Director for Chapter Development (ADCD) positions must be self-motivated, detail and goal oriented, open to accountability, have the desire to travel and work with undergraduate chapters, be a member of Kappa Alpha Order and have earned a Bachelor’s or advanced degree. We are currently seeking candidates for a start date of June 1, 2012. We hope to conduct interviews for available positions in December of this year or January of next.

From servicing chapters, networking with alumni and campus professionals, facilitating educational programs, and even helping with recruitment for Active and provisional chapters, you will get the most diversified and complete work experience of most right-out-of-college opportunities. Click here for more information about the positions.

Please click here for the ONLINE APPLICATION to apply today!

Feel free to contact Stuart Whetsell, Director of Chapter Services with questions at (540) 463-1865 or at swhetsell@ka-order.org.

The following list of past field staff who served for over one-year…  You’ll see there are many campuses and chapters represented over the past years.

If you are a past member, please post on here with your years of staff service! If your name is listed, share your experience and what you’re doing now.

Current ADCS & ADCD
William Walker, Mississippi State
Anthony Graziani, Florida Gulf Coast
Jake Howse, Florida State
Curtis Perzinski, Richmond

Chris Woods, Western Kentucky
Jeff Moad, Western Kentucky
Nick Palmer, Middle Tennessee State
Matt Spilsbury, Northern Arizona
Matthew O’Neal, Louisiana Tech
William Downey, Kentucky
Stuart Whetsell, Appalachian State
John Pfingston, Transylvania
Charlie Grant, Georgetown
David Ambrosio, Randolph-Macon
Chris Churchill, UT-Martin
Randy Beard, Southern Methodist
Clint Cummins, UT-Martin
Bo Mantooth, UT-Martin
Jeff Raker, Bowling Green State
John Bolton, Louisiana Tech
Len Williams, Newberry
Erik Showalter, Louisiana Tech
Jacob Davis, Northwestern State
Michael Wilson, Transylvania
Ryan Uehlein, Bowling Green
Andrew Carr, Texas State
Mitch Sheafer, Texas State
Chad McFarland, Northern Arizona
Jesse S. Lyons, Western Carolina
Rob Morrison, Roanoke
Jeremy Gillespie, Univ. of Washington
Doug Hanisch, Northern Arizona
Graham Stiles, Texas A&M
Ethan Bush, McNeese State
Brent Fellows, Western Kentuck
Cas Heilman, Univ. of Washington
Jon Mundorf, Bowling Green State
Collin Taylor, Eastern Kentucky

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