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Happy Veterans Day from the Order!

Happy Veterans Day! The Order salutes all veterans, including our own members, who have served and sacrificed in the various wars, conflicts, and peacetime throughout the history of the United States. Words can’t describe our collective appreciation.

If you are or know a brother who is a veteran, and you’d like to share his name, service, and any commentary, please comment on out facebook page, twitter, or even below on our comment tool on this blog post. We want to hear from everyone.

Send photos of brothers, alumni, active duty or veterans, through this form and we’ll share today!

We encourage all alumni and active brothers who are veterans to join the Military Division of Kappa Alpha Order. Follow the link to learn more about the Military Division, recognition, and how to join. We hope to recognize all our members who have taken up arms in defense of this country, and our life, liberty, and freedom! The Military Division recognition may be given as a gift, honor, or surprise, and even posthumously, by any member or non-member, provided that the honor goes to an initiated member of Kappa Alpha Order.

Click here to learn more about the Military Division recognition pin (left) and the meanings of the eight points of the cross.

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