Kappa Alpha Order

December 7th, 1941…

The Order pauses today to remember December 7, 1941 and the attack on Pearl Harbor, 70 years ago. Our long and special relationship with the United States Armed Forces is called immediately to mind. We remember the price of freedom and the unbelievable sacrifices made by our “greatest generation.” We are undoubtedly where we are today, due to them. [mp3j track="Listen to President Roosevelt's Day of Infamy Speech@https://www.kappaalphaorder.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Roosevelt_Pearl_Harbor.ogg" volslider="y" style="outline"]

As with everything in the country, the focus on the war effort was paramount. From man power, to resources, the need was great. When the war was ending, Kappa Alpha Order developed, then embarked upon a multi-page reactivation plan for the fraternity, our chapters, returning Actives and Alumni. From the Preamble of said plan, “Never before in the history of Kappa Alpha Order has there been a greater need for the interest and cooperation of every member of the fraternity than at this moment.” Over the next many years, what ensued propelled the Order to heights like never before.

Thank a veteran today. We remember, honor and thank our heroes. And importantly, think about our freedom and pray to God that we continue to preserve and cherish such a wonderful right afforded to us. We hope other peoples and countries find or receive this unalienable right so that they may prosper and enjoy the pursuit of happiness.

The image to the right is from the cover of The Kappa Alpha Journal in November 1943. Its explanation inside reads: “This issue depicts the symbol which we feel will play a large part in our victory for the peace that will be ours. Our badge of membership is worn by brothers in all branches of Service. The motto signifies another of those things which are worth fighting for.”

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