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Rush or Recruitment? NC State KAs say both!

Alpha Omega Chapter set a goal to initiate 15 men into the Order for the fall 2011 semester. After a well prepared and executed formal recruitment, the brothers picked up 11 great men. Number I Forrest Brooks and Recruitment Chairman Dustin Brann decided that though they got 11 excellent men, they did not hit their goal of 15 and made the decision to do something about it.

They thought that since the campus culture was centered around formal recruitment (commonly known as rush), and the National Administrative Office was centered on recruitment (recruiting new members 365 days a year), why not do both? They devised a plan to change their 8-week new member program into two (2), 6-week new member classes. They would take the first class from the men they recruited during IFC Recruitment, and the second class would consist of men they actively recruited using KA’s 5-step system during the 6 weeks of their first new member class. The second class would start new member education right after the first class was initiated.

Recruitment chairman Dustin Brann said, “I thought it was going to be hard to get the chapter to back this idea, but since we had all agreed that we needed to get 15 men in the fall, there was not much they could do but support it.” Forrest Brooks, the chapter president at the time said “by taking 2 new member classes per semester, we are not only able to recruit more men, but we are able to put more emphasis on the ritual since we are doing it twice as much.”

So did Alpha Omega Chapter hit its goal of 15? They took an additional 8 men in their second class for a total of 19, exceeding their goal by 4. By using this simple concept, NC State brothers turned their initial 11 man new member class into a 19 man class in the fall 2011 semester.

So you want to try this at your chapter?
Great! Let’s see what can be learned from Alpha Omega. First, the chapter came together before the semester and agreed they needed to recruit 15 men. This commitment was made by carefully looking at who was graduating or leaving and also to making sure they recruited enough members to ensure steady growth. By having the chapter establishing this commitment, they had no other option but to fully support the idea after not hitting their goal for rush.

The 5 Steps to Recruiting (over 6 weeks)
*Note: The chapter divided its membership into recruitment teams that followed the steps below:

Names Generation: Active members were able to gather referrals from their new members and find other potential members who had participated in rush and not joined. Former recruits that were previously on the fence were able to see how the new member class interacted with the active chapter and offered additional names to put on their list.

Communicate: Members were able to reach out to their referrals through face to face communication, email, text, phone calls and Facebook to invite the potential members out to chapter events and to set up one on ones.

One on Ones: Alpha Omega held ones on ones with potential members over coffee and at lunch in the university center. They were able to inform their recruits the true values of the Order, and what the chapter itself was doing on campus. At this time chapter members were able to invite their potentials to meet more of the chapter at their events.

Chapter Events: There was no need to have the “recruitment event” because the chapter was already in full swing. Alpha Omega just invited potentials to the chapter events they were already having.

Close: Remember that during the 6 weeks the chapter is recruiting, you are able to give out a bid at any time. Bid discussions should be discussed at every chapter meeting as you are constantly meeting new men. Make the close formal and special to the potential member.

Additional Information
Want to find out if this program is right for your chapter? Contact Director of Chapter Development Nick Palmer at npalmer@ka-order.org.

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