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WOO PIG SOOIE – KA returns to Arkansas!

The Order is proud to announce that plans are underway to restore the Alpha Omicron chapter at the University of Arkansas! After a lengthy selection process, KA was selected by the Interfraternity Council and University administration to return to campus, along with national fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, this coming fall.

Staff, alumni, and administration are excited for KA’s return. From spring meetings, mass marketing, social media and everything in between, the expansion process has already begun. A provisional chapter will be created this fall and it is the hope that the chapter is chartered and all members are initiated in the course of 12-14 months. See below on how you can help.

On campus housing will be utilized at first, providing men the opportunity to live together as brothers. Mid-range plans include working with the University for land opportunities to build a new KA chapter house. Fundraising will begin soon.

Know a young man going to Arkansas who should be a KA? Want to get involved? Have any connections/suggestions? See below and let us know! Stay up to date with the Arkansas KA Twitter and Facebook page.

WOO PIG SOOIE and Wheat barley, Kappa Alpha is headed back to Arkansas! (contact Nick Palmer, Director of Chapter Development, at 540-463-1865 or npalmers@ka-order.org).

1. Recommend a potential member online
2. Show your interest in joining online
3. Become a member of the Alumni Advisory Committee or assist with advising
4. Become a member of the House Corporation or assist with fundraising

[fancytext]Alpha Omicron was originally chartered on April 27, 1895… so an anniversary is coming up! Stay tuned online for exciting news![/fancytext]


Kappa Alpha Order Selected to Return to Arkansas
A historic opportunity awaits gentlemen on campus

Contact: Nick Palmer, Director of Chapter Development
Telephone: 540-463-1865
Cell Phone: 540-784-8778
Email: npalmer@ka-order.org


Kappa Alpha Order and the University of Arkansas have announced plans to restore the fraternity’s chapter at the University of Arkansas.  The announcement comes after an extensive selection process involving national fraternities from across the country.

“Kappa Alpha Order has enjoyed a proud history at the University of Arkansas,” said Larry Stanton Wiese, Kappa Alpha’s Executive Director. Wiese explains, “Our national staff and alumni could not be more pleased with the opportunity to build on that tradition in Fayetteville. We wish to thank the IFC and administration for granting us and more so the students who will become members of Kappa Alpha Order the occasion to return.”

Kappa Alpha Order’s expansion director says this situation presents a unique opportunity for those interested in establishing a new chapter and joining a thriving fraternity system.  “Our expansion process is specific. It is designed to bring the most positive aspects of the fraternity life to forefront of the chapter experience,” said Nick Palmer Director of Chapter Development, or expansion.

Among those important aspects are KA’s values of gentlemanly conduct, aiming for excellence, leadership and personal development, commitment to philanthropic and volunteer service, and a lifetime connection to a national fraternity with more than 500 alumni just from the University of Arkansas.

“KA’s return to University of Arkansas will be the opportunity of a lifetime for our new members,” said Palmer. “Our values will be found amongst the students at U of A. As an Order, we seek to bring those men, with our values, together and provide them with a unrivaled collegiate experience.”

Kappa Alpha Order (known as “KA” or “the Order,”) was founded upon the knightly principles of gentlemanly conduct and with excellence as its aim.  Those values remain the focus of the Order today.  Its first chapter was founded in 1865 at what is now Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia.  Kappa Alpha Order has grown to more than 120 chapters across the country, with a diverse base of undergraduate members.  More than 150,000 men have joined the Order since its founding with over 117,000 initiated members living today.   Kappa Alpha Order’s chapter at the University of Arkansas was originally chartered in 1895 and was the third fraternity founded on campus.  More information about Kappa Alpha Order is available online, at www.kappaalphaorder.org.


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