Kappa Alpha Order

Update on Storm in Lexington & National Administrative Office

Storms in the mid-Atlantic reached Lexington last night. The National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill and the Guest House are fine but trees are down all over. Lexington has been described as a “war zone,” and many roads are blocked, along with multiple live power lines being down.

With power out, the Internet, phones, and email are down. We pray for all those without power and in need this weekend with such high heat.

UPDATE: We’re told by local/state reports that the power may be out for a few days.

Useful cellphone numbers, until the phone lines, email, and power are back:

Larry Wiese, Executive Director

Stuart Whetsell, Director of Chapter Services

Nick Palmer, Director of Chapter Development

Brent Fellows, Director of Educational Programming

Michael Wilson, Director of Fraternity Services

Jesse S. Lyons, Director of Communications

Advisory Council and KAOEF Trustees are being notified as staff become available and capable of connecting with everyone.


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