Kappa Alpha Order

Bid Day: Alcohol-Free Version

Its against our Risk Mangement Policy. But what else can change your plans…

by: Jesse S. Lyons, Director of Communications

Brothers, listen up. Take a second and zoom back through history (for some a short few years, for others what seems a lifetime).

Imagine it again. You’re 18, you just received your bid and you’re on top of the world. Campus is so big! So many students to meet! So many classes to attend! But, all that can be conquered now. You are now a KA member awaiting initiation. You are now surrounded by dozens of brothers. Top of the world.

So what’s on tap tonight? How do we celebrate? (do you even know?). Of course not. As a new member who just joined this fraternity–Kappa Alpha Order, man I’m so pumped–you have no idea what really goes on. Sure, you know the values, you’ve met the brothers, and you get the excitement. Something here is special. But right now, what do we do? The cheering, the yelling, the back slapping commence. Trepidation, cautious nervousness, and a little overwhelming feeling consumes.

Just what would anyone do in that situation? In any situation where you are the new guy? And keep in mind, especially when its with folks you want to emulate, impress, and convince you’re the right man. Showing that your spilling over with excitement to the point of exuberance now that you have conquered a step in college before you even knew how to get to 3/4 of the buildings on campus. So, what do you do to celebrate?

Why, you follow along. That’s what you do.

It doesn’t matter what you are about to do. You just want to do it. Follow your brothers and have a heckuva a good time. In fact, you’re about to:

Go camping.
Go to cool sports game together.
Have a dinner with a sorority new member class.
Meet a bunch of awesome alumni.
Have a fraternity orientation meeting.
Attend and participate in cool service event with your brothers or another social organization.
Have a brothers only cookout and meet every brother and learn more about them.
Hit up a ropes course in the morning with your new chapter.
Go have a big flag-football tournament with all members split into teams.
The other.

As a new member, what would you have done? You’d have gone along! Participated! Met new friends and brothers, and had a heckuva a time! You would have boldly started your fraternity experience with some great gentlemen and some awesome times. It didn’t take much skill, it didn’t take an age requirement, you couldn’t really mess it up, and…

And you would have remembered it. All of it. And probably, in the next few weeks or days, you would have attended a social event with your chapter, too.

But you started off right, defining your fraternity experience in way you’ll always appreciate. Even today.

So gentlemen, start off your new members right. Give them the experience they deserve. They won’t think any different of it.



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