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Hazing (insert cringe here)

[fancytext size=45px]Hazing (insert cringe here)[/fancytext]

by: Dan Amato, Associate Director for Chapter Services

Hazing. It’s a word that makes most fraternity men cringe.

Why? Because we know it’s wrong. Deep down, every good man knows that to treat another human being as if they’re inferior just isn’t the right thing to do. But sometimes men get caught up in their surroundings or feel the need to carry on a “tradition” or live up to a stereotype. Does this make them bad men? No. Should they be held accountable for their actions? Yes. But, if one mistake is the defining factor between a life of good or a life of bad, we’re all probably living bad lives. Lessons can be learned, values reinforced, and good can always be accomplished.

I’m not writing this to give you a “brimstone and fire” sermon on why you shouldn’t haze. Rather, just to remind you that our organization is made of good men. We’ve all committed ourselves to an idea of excellence and an aim that never settles for less than higher and higher. We do our best to live by our values and set a strong example for those that follow in our footsteps.

As men of the Order, we can boil our values down to seven core principles: Reverence, Gentility, Service, Leadership, Knowledge, Perseverance and Excellence. There is no reason for a long, drawn out explanation of these values – we all know what they are. However, I think two things are important. The first, you cannot achieve excellence, the seventh value, without constant application of the first six. Second, these values leave no room, or time for that matter, for hazing.

No good leader constantly belittles or tries to break down his followers. True service involves helping those in need, not creating a need for someone to help, whether they want to or not. We could continue to talk about this list, but it is not necessary. The point is simple – for men like us, men in our Order, we have no time for hazing. The Order and its members have a nationwide “zero tolerance policy on hazing.” I would challenge you to prove that this policy is unnecessary. Remember what makes you the man and the KA you are, and through your actions change the policy to a stance of, “My values don’t leave any room for hazing, anyways.”

PS. Want to make a change in your chapter? Contact me (damato@ka-order.org) and we’ll get started.


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