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Social Media Matters

Like, Retweet, Check-In, and Shoot.

By: Jesse S. Lyons

There are four essential social media tools for Kappa Alpha Order chapters, well, at least this month. Here they are—if you don’t have one of these, talk to your Number I and create them ASAP. Report on them at weekly meetings and encourage everyone to engage with KA through them, including others students, fraternities, sororities, and yes, even professors, staff, and administrators. Assign some younger members or the V or anyone to update these constantly. With good content. But keep it clean, smart, and in KA values. (Don’t make me show you the policy). Just share pictures, video, quotes, history, news about members, celebrate others not in KA but on campus, and keep it active.

1. Facebook Page.
Seriously, if you don’t have a page, get it done today. Name your page just like you’ll name your website or other social media. Here is the formula “SchoolName (minus College/University) KA.” For instance, www.facebook.com/WesternCarolinaKA or www.facebook.com/MiamiKA. Remember, you know your chapter name, but almost everyone else in the world does not. Second, you need two items, a “profile pic” and a “cover photo.” For now, I suggest emailing me at jlyons@ka-order.org and asking for a profile pic like the one here and here. We’ll get it done for you in a couple days. As for cover photo, just steal ours at www.facebook.com/kappaalphaorder.

2. Twitter Account.
OK. By now, only seniors and maybe a few juniors don’t understand how many folks on campus are on Twitter. The folks coming from high school to college have been tweetin’ for years. Get KA in front of them now. How do you select a “handle” to name your account? Same as above. @WesternCarolinaKA and so forth. Link Facebook to Twitter so Facebook posts go to Twitter. Do not link Twitter back to Facebook. Just our suggestion.

3. Foursquare Check-In.
Go on an register the KA house, lodge, dorm, or other space. Get your Check-In established! Set up suggestions, tips, even specials! Remember, your ADCS will be visiting. Make sure he sees some good stuff when he checks in. But seriously, when potential members, sorority women, and even other folks check in at your house, go ahead and tell them WHO YOU ARE! Its a great way to make simple first impression. Don’t mess it up. And don’t forget, set up Check-Ins at your philanthropy and service events. Imagine after a year, new students arriving to campus–they’re checking in everywhere, but beside ever campus Check-In are all these KA events. Again, what a great way to make a first impression…

4. Instagram Account.
I know what you’re thinking. But it is a great way to share content! You can push instagrammed (read: not professional, but they don’t look bad online) pictures out to Facebook, Twitter, and just about anything else. Make that aging hallway look “cool” again. Capture the excitement of bid day, intramurals, or your new officers!

Gents, you’ve got phones that take better pictures that most alumni cameras. You can capture video, share, tag, connect, and spread the word. Think of the power of your 20, 50, 70, 150 man chapter all posting, liking, RT’ing and sharing events



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