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Risk Management: Not Just a One Man Show

Risk Management: Not Just a One Man Show

By: Stuart F. Whetsell, Director of Chapter Services

Often times when visiting chapters, our ADCS staff will ask a chapter officer, “Who is responsible for managing the risk of the chapter?” The answer is often the same:

The Number I – Chapter President

While this may be the appropriate answer on some front, the correct answer should be:

“We all are.”

As brothers, we ALL have a responsibility to manage the risk associated with our chapter experience.

Is there not risk associated with our chapter’s finances?

Is there not risk associated with our chapter’s recruitment?

Is there not risk associated with our chapter’s social events?

I think as members of the Order, we all have to recognize that every decision we make inherently puts us at some type of risk. And that’s okay. No one will say that life doesn’t go without some form of risk.

According to the US Census Bureau, there are approximately 40,000 auto accident deaths a year. Seems like a HUGE risk. Does that stop us from driving a car? Of course not. It means that we do our best to manage that risk.

We wear a seatbelt. We drive a reasonable speed. We don’t drive impaired. And we keep a watchful eye on our surroundings. Others in the car provide support by being alert, and other drivers on the road do their part by managing their risks. If everyone did this, would there be no accidents? Absolutely not, but it means that when accidents happen, drivers find themselves in a better situation than if they haven’t managed those risks. And ultimately, it may mean their life.

Fraternity is no different.

It’s everyone’s job to manage the “Risks of the Road” so to speak. We do this by holding each other accountable, by following and enforcing the Order’s Rules and Policies, and being each brother’s keeper. We do this so that we find ourselves better prepared to handle the open road that is our fraternity experience. God forbid something cause us to wreck us on the road, but if it does, we know that WE did everything possible to prevent this accident, and we’re ready and willing to accept the circumstances and move forward, using this as a learning experience. And hopefully, just hopefully, by managing these risks, we may even save a guest’s, a friend’s, or even a brother’s life.

We all say we care for the safety of our guests and members. Let’s show it by doing our part to effectively manage the risks in our chapter. It’s not always the easy thing, but seldom is the right choice the easy choice. If it was, everyone would do it.

Do your part. Be a brother. Help your chapter. Help the Order. Practice effective Risk Management. It might even save a life.

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