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The Hat Stops Here

Why to Avoid Common Source Alcohol

By: Joel Buck, Associate Director for Chapter Development

From year to year, horror stories from college campuses around the nation about alcohol poisoning, mistreatment of alcohol and very unfortunately, alcohol related deaths tend to be too common of an occurrence. How can we as fraternity men combat alcohol abuse and set an example for others to follow?

A chapter of KA and its members may not, under any circumstance, provide alcohol to anyone. The Kappa Alpha Order Risk Management Policy states that “the purchase or use of a bulk quantity or common sources of such alcoholic beverage, for example kegs, or cases are prohibited.”

Seems simple, right?

To go a little more in depth, this includes “hunch punch,” “jungle juice,” and yes even kegs and cases of beer. You may find yourself asking “what is wrong with hunch punch or providing alcohol for the attendees at our next social event?” To answer that question, you must first ask yourself a few others:

Do you know who’s drinking at your event?

Do you know how much they’re drinking at the event?

Can you say exactly how much alcohol is in that cooler of hunch punch?

Because party goers often don’t know what’s in the punch, they may unsuspectingly consume dangerous levels of alcohol in a very short period of time.  Kegs also leave the possibility for someone to have their drink tampered with. The risk associated with providing alcohol is too great; you or your chapter can be held responsible for the actions of a person to whom you supplied alcohol.

As gentlemen, we should always be looking out for the safety of our guests, whether it be at the KA house, tailgate, or registered social event. This means always providing a safe environment for the brothers and other patrons when alcohol is present. To provide a safe environment, hold your events in accordance with the BYOB ticketing policy or even better, use a third party vendor. This way you can monitor who is consuming what and how much as well as manage the liability put on your chapter.

Do you remember your induction into KA? During that ceremony, you accepted your invitation to join “in accordance with the rules and regulations and Kappa Alpha and of the university” and took an oath “always to work for the interest and ideals of Kappa Alpha Order.” By this point, you have been instructed on the rules and regulations of KA, but take a second and think about what those interests and ideals are. How are you furthering the mission of KA, striving for excellence, and bettering those around you at your social events or get-togethers?

Take the time to continually educate your chapter on proper risk management techniques. You can find resources in The Varlet, on the website, your advisors, or from your ADCS or ADCD.

Remember, excellence is our aim!

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