Kappa Alpha Order

Welcome to the “new” KAPPAALPHAORDER.org

by: Jesse S. Lyons, Director of Communications

The sixth (only the sixth) iteration of our national website is now live. Explore our new engaging design, test the mobile responsiveness, be inspired by the bold values statements, and utilize the new, streamlined navigation. We hope you like it! If you see issues, something missing, or heaven forbid *gasp!* a broken link, please email us your feedback at jlyons@ka-order.org. Thanks and enjoy the site!

(oh and please share www.KAPPAALPHAORDER.org via Tweet, Like, etc. so we get the word out! – if you do so, hashtag #elevatedandrefined, #moralcompass, or any other new witty slogan and and you’ll be entered into a drawing for an Official KA Flag at the end of February. Thanks!)Website Explanation Graphic


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