Kappa Alpha Order

Springtime, formal time.

by Jesse S. Lyons, Director of Communciations

Its springtime and with the change in seasons comes the interest in hosting a formal or special social event. A few reminders:

1. Decorations, outfits, and theme

You may wear period costumes as your outfits for a formal. However, under no circumstances may you wear confederate uniforms or display or utilize confederate trappings. These include hats, jackets, flags, or any other item. Please ensure your guests understand this rule too—you are responsible for them.

2. Week-long activities

Week-long sets of parties are unacceptable. However, many chapters have began a week long set of fundraising activites, parents and alumni events, public relations activities, sorority competitions, and ended with a proper social event.

3. Travel

If you are entering another province for an event, please let me know so I can help you notify the Executive Director and follow KA Laws pertaining to travel.

4. Risk Management & Liability

You are responsible for your chapter and actions no matter where you are. Some recent issues with chapters have come from hotels, cabins, and other people contacting schools or the national administrative office after an out of town event or formal. Please be gentlemen, have a great time, and make smart decisions. Information on risk management, including the Kappa Alpha Order Risk Management Policy, can be found here: https://www.kappaalphaorder.org/ka/risk

5. Social Media –

Finally, I must stress this point. We monitor all channels of social media—the chapter accounts, many individuals, guests, and even the anonymous ones. Make an extra effort to uphold your chapter’s positive image throughs social media – share this email with your chapter, especially this part:

1. Don’t do dumb things to get yourself in trouble and then tell the world online.

2. Please remind your guests to do the same. That should do it.

Have a great end of the semester, best of luck on finals, and contact your ADCS with ANY questions before any event. You cannot get in trouble for running an idea by your ADCS.

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