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You’ve come to the right place! CHAPTERS, MEMBERS, EVERYONE! Click the link below and begin using our official Sesquicentennial imagery on your social media, websites, email, and print materials. If there is every any doubt, please email this link for approval or questions. Of course, as always, for any for-sale items you must receive approval or be officially Greek Licensed.

There are other social media icons, banners, and imagery you can use to “officially” help celebrate the Sesquicentennial in style. Included are other tidbits of information you can learn and share.

Click here to access and download the imagery and read just a little bit more about the 2015 year and all our initiatives associated.

Here are some easy links too:

Sesquicentennial LOCAL event

Register your alumni event (reunion, Convivium, etc.) as an “official” Sesquicentennial Local Event. More details are found on the linked page. This event must guarantee a minimum 150 people in attendance.

150 Conviviums

Can’t quite make it to 150 attendees? Any amount of brothers and guests can have a Convivium and celebrate our founding, founders, and 150 years of brotherhood. Learn more here.


Update your contact information & leave us a note to get involved with the Celebration.

Sign up to receive email updates about the Sesquicentennial.

And of course, stay tuned for more!

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