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An Introduction

Philanthropy: An Introduction (1)

By Greg Waterworth (Beta Kappa – Maryland ’10)

Beta Kappa BreastfestThe benefits of a well-executed philanthropy event have wide spread positive outcomes for any chapter, internally and externally. The unfortunate reality is many chapters in Kappa Alpha Order struggle to organize a “successful” philanthropy event. Many events are thrown together in hast, while others fail to inspire participation by the chapter and the community.

Throughout my experience as an active member, and a member of the Kappa Alpha Order staff, I have always viewed philanthropy as one of the most important operations of a chapter. Chapters across KA host a plethora of different events: BBQs, athletic tournaments, crawfish boils, auctions, the list goes on and on. In my experience, no one type of event is more “successful” than the others; it is their organization and execution that dictates their impact. This post will be the first, of many, that will break down all of the crucial steps in planning, organizing, goal setting, fundraising, promoting, and executing any successful philanthropy events. So please come back soon to see the first installation of this blog, “Philanthropy: Start with Why (2).”

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