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Why We Recruit

Why We Recruit

By Jeremy Duke (Delta Lambda- Middle Tennessee State University ’09)

With fall fast approaching it is important to remember why we, as KAs, recruit. It is often said that our ritual is the life blood that connects every brother of the Order. We would not be able to survive without our ritual. If this is true then it is equally true that recruitment is the air that fills KA’s lungs. The Order would not be able to survive without recruitment.

Every year thousands of KA men graduate from their universities and transition from active to alumni status. It is important for us to replace these men with worthy gentlemen who will continue to add to the excellent history of our Order and perpetuate the ideals of reverence and gentility. If you were to illustrate this using the model from above; picture KA as a human with the ritual flowing through his veins. The men graduating and moving into Alumnus status is personified as an exhale. When we recruit new men into our brotherhood this can be personified as an inhale. When we exhale our members onto the next stage of KA and do not replace them with men of equal or higher caliber, we will suffocate and die.

So as we move steadily toward our 150th year of excellence, let us continue to not only survive, but to thrive as we have done since 1865. The Order has never been as strong as it is today. The main reason for this is the men who came before you that made a conscience decision to grow and continue to add names to our rosters of men who exemplify our values and beliefs. This lofty task now belongs to you.

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