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5 Things to Remember in your First Few Months Being Back on Campus!

By David Merrill (Zeta Pi- Florida Gulf Coast University ’08)

1)      The propensity to drink with brothers after a long summer away from each other.

  • You’ve been gone from your chapter brothers for a few months now and everyone has just got back to campus. In doing so, the likelihood to consume alcoholic beverages with them has increased. What also has increased, is the probability that more than one will be consumed, elevating the possibility of injury to a guest, a brother or yourself. Be responsible enough to mitigate the risk by finding alternatives to greet friends and brothers after a long and enjoyable summer vacation.

2)      Change in policies; whether by the University/National Office/Chapter.

  • The summer months are busy with planning and policy changing for Universities and National Organizations. There could be a likelihood that a policy regarding social management or alcohol consumption could have changed in the short months you were gone. Using ignorance to combat a possible infraction will not be responded to well, so upon return, ask the questions. It’s important to note that even if you aren’t an officer, you are still entitled for answers! Get in contact with your chapter’s consultant, the campus IFC advisor, the housing corporation contact or your faculty/alumnus advisor.

3)      Freshman being in a new environment and peer pressure.

  • There was a time where we were all walking aimlessly around campus, eagerly searching for a group of friends. In doing so, we made every opportunity to impress each person we met. Make sure when we are hanging out with first year college/university students and transfers that we create a safe and inviting environment that will make them feel comfortable being themselves. There is a benefit, especially with recruitment, when you can see who the member truly is and not the person he is hiding behind.

4)      No room for alcohol in recruitment.

  • For a majority of the chapters, the return of fall semester means recruitment is in full swing (not to exclude chapters that start recruitment in spring due to delayed recruitment system). There are rules and policies in place that are not to be broken and for good reason. One of these is alcohol consumption, which is a definite NO when it comes to the recruitment of new members (including those potential members that are above 21). When we recruit leading with our values, morals and beliefs, we will in turn recruit those with the same. If recruitment is lead with alcohol, that is the extent that we will get out of that member because we have now used that as part of our organizational pitch.

5)      Zero-Tolerance Policy for Hazing.

  • This section is a no-brainer for those that have been briefed on the Kappa Alpha Order risk management policy presentations. The beginning of fall brings in new members, which unfortunately has been known to bring allegations of hazing. There is NO place for hazing in your chapter, or Kappa Alpha Order. We’re young men, growing into what we have always dreamed we would be. Don’t find ways to hinder another’s growth, find ways to aid and encourage him to succeed. Be the one that says no. Be the leader. 

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