Kappa Alpha Order


By Greg Waterworth (Beta Kappa- University of Maryland ’10)

It is that time of the year when many of our chapters plan theme parties. Whether Halloween parties, or mixers, the themes that are chosen say a great deal about the sponsoring organizations. Choose poorly, and your chapter’s bad judgment could show up in the news the next day. Many organizations have faced severe sanctions and the withdrawal of their charter for insensitive social themes. By avoiding racially and culturally sensitive themes, your chapters can prove respect for the communities that all KAs are a part. So in the spirit of the season, below are some acceptable mixer themes that all will enjoy:

Heroes and Villains, Disco, Decades, Winter Wonderland, Rodeo, Movie Themes, Viva Las Vegas, Sporting Event, “P” is for Party (alphabet theme), Casino Night, and My Tie.


Many other appropriate themes are out there and if you are curious if your proposed theme is appropriate, reach out to your ADCS for advice. 

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