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2015 Varlet

Introducing the 2015 Sesquicentennial Edition of The Varlet of Kappa Alpha Order.

Our 2015 Sesquicentennial Edition of The Varlet of Kappa Alpha Order will be available for purchase at our KAonlinestore.com or available digitally here.

The brief backorder, reported in January in an email to Number Is and the Advisory Council, was due to continued recruitment success. Another fall recruitment beat even higher than planned expectations and depleted inventory we hoped would last into early 2015–prior to launching this edition.

Again, the Order is proud to present what we believe is the best edition of The Varlet, in our 150 years. For comments and feedback, please email Jesse S. Lyons, Assistant Executive Director for Advancement.

Content has been updated for accuracy, but has not been altered significantly from the previous 2010 edition or 2012 revision.

Organization remains also the same. The first six chapter still deal with material intended for a Member Awaiting Initiation, chapters seven through nine are intended to fully inform an Active Member and chapter ten encompasses the lifetime experience for a budding or newly minted Alumnus Member.

Design is the most notable alteration. This special edition includes a fully reformatted, full color layout and creative design. Designed to engage a young man joining KA at an average age of 18, The Varlet has higher number of short bits of information and highlights without giving up on the long form of history and explanations. Further, The Kappa Alpha Laws and Executive Council regulations have been redesigned for easier reference and reading. Although the paper quality has been improved and color added, the cost has not been increased due to a significant reduction in page count. This, again, is not due to cutting of content but to the efficiency of design.

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