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Kappa Alpha Order Concerts

by David Merrill

If your chapter is interested in hosting a special event or concert, please reference the section of the Kappa Alpha Order Risk Management Policy that address special events insurance:

“Special events are defined as any event/function (1) where alcohol will be present, and the guest to member ration exceeds three-to-one; (2) involving athletic events or competitions; or (3) that involves any activity that is deemed to be potentially hazardous by the Alumnus Advisor, the Alumni Advisory Committee, the Province Commander, the Executive Director, or the Order’s insurance broker.”

249895_269059663220009_1501559170_nA concert/performance that the chapter plans to host falls under the category of an event that could be “potentially hazardous,” which requires approval by the aforementioned advisors.

In order to have your event approved, the chapter must forward any information in relation to the event (full written description), including the contracts that are put forth for the chapter to sign. The Kappa Alpha Order National Administrative Office (KAONAO) will not approve or support any genre of music that promulgates a culture of sexual misconduct, drug use or physical violence. In the event the artist/group is denied, the KAONAO will work with the chapter to find an alternative artist/group.

Our hope is for the chapter membership to have a positive social experience, while complying with all appropriate policies so our brothers and guests are safe. Contact Jacob Woodard, Director of Risk Management, at (540) 436-1865 if your chapter needs special event insurance or has any questions.

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