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Letterhead in Print & Digital Form

Throughout the year chapter officers may need to send an official document to their school, alumni, or parents for the purposes of recruitment, alumni relations, or parent involvement. To assist chapters in achieving a professional and uniform look to their correspondence, the National Administrative Office has provided customized letterhead in various forms for chapters to utilize.

Kappa Alpha Order currently offers pre-printed stationary at kaonlinestore.com which includes letterhead and two sizes of envelopes. Both are printed specific to your chapter designation, school, and contact information (mailing address, email, phone). 

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 9.55.57 AMDigital
Kappa Alpha Order is also offering digital letterhead in three different forms: a high-resolution PDF document to pre-print, a Microsoft Word document that chapters may compose their message and print or save as a PDF, and as a MailChimp Template. For more information on the ease and power of utilizing email correspondence  through MailChimp.com, read Alumni Engagement: Utilizing an E-Newsletter Template on Kappa Alpha Order’s Blog.

If you have any questions regarding letterhead or to request digital letterhead for your chapter, please contact Brent Buswell, Associate Director for Communications. 

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