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Spring Break Reminders

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Spend Spring Break enjoying your time away from nschoolwork not like James Franco in this movie.

by Blake Berkbuegler

Spring break is right around the corner. While this is a great time to relax and take a break from school and studying, there are still several things to keep in mind. Many of our members will flock to the beaches or ski-slopes over spring break along with 1.5 million other people. There are many popular spring break destinations, and even though they are all different, there are similar risks involved with all of them. While it might sound like a big party away from home, remember that the risk is exponentially higher when in an unfamiliar place.

The first issue to address is that all federal and state laws still must be abided by even though you are on vacation. This means that the legal drinking age is still 21. If you are of legal age and choose to consume alcohol while on vacation be aware that your alcohol tolerance is lower when in a new environment. Drinking away from home in these settings where binge drinking is encouraged can be very dangerous. The violent crime rate around popular spring break destinations severely increase during the spring break season, along with arrest rates and alcohol related injuries.

Remember, it is not only yourself you have to worry about but other people who are consuming more than they normally would on a given night. Over 50 percent of spring breakers will have a run in with law enforcement over this vacation season. You do not want to come back from vacation with a criminal record. What may seem like just innocent fun for a week can turn into a life-altering event, whether that is a criminal record that could keep you from your dream job, an inappropriate/embarrassing picture that ends up all over the web, or drinking too much in a new environment and seriously injuring yourself. We want all of our members to enjoy their week and time away from their studies in a way that reflects positively on their chapter and the Order as a whole. 

Remember, you are always representing KA. 

Here are a few alternative options for you spring break.

  • Participate in your school’s study abroad program
  • Go on a service trip with a local church or youth group
  • Make a difference locally at a non-profit or chartity

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