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San Diego State KAs Raise $3K in March

By Logan Pardini, Number V Gamma Iota Chapter

Spanning the dates of March 6th to March 18th, the brothers of Gamma Iota participated in two substantial philanthropic ventures that benefited Rady Children’s Hospital as well as the Muscle Dystrophy Association.

On Friday, march 6th, a group of 12 Kappa Alphas participated in the first annual Aztec Dance Marathon. In this marathon the brothers danced from 8pm to 8 am, and all the money raised went to Rady Children’s hospital. By the end of the dance marathon, the San Diego State community raised over $40,000 for the hospital. Of that total, the gentlemen of Kappa Alpha to contributed $1,500 to the cause. Not only did this allow us to receive an award from the dance marathon board for the fraternity with the most funds raised, but also it placed our team at the 5th spot out of over 60 teams that participated in the marathon.


Our second philanthropic event took place on Wednesday, March 18th from 10 am to 3 pm. On this date we held our second annual Sharpie-A-Car event for the Muscle Dystrophy Association. In 2014 we held this event for the first time to gather funds for MDA, and managed to raise $675. For the 2015 Sharpie-A-Car event, the meager amount of $675 from the previous year was shattered. By the end of the event, we accounted for $1,885 that was collected for the Muscle Dystrophy Association. The amount the Gamma Iota chapter raised at our Sharpie-A-Car event this year reflected a 279% increase from the amount we raised last year.

During the month of March, the Gamma Iota chapter was able to raise a total of $3,385 in our philanthropic efforts. Whether the money benefited the Rady Children’s Hospital or the Muscle Dystrophy Association, this amount represents a significant increase compared to previous philanthropic totals by our chapter. 

Thanks to brother Jesse Higareda, a video from this year’s Aztec Dance Marathon and Sharpie-A-Car event can be found here. 


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