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Second Rifle Winner Announced

IMG_2627Andrew Carr – The second Rifle Raffle winner was selected and announced at the Dallas, Texas Sesquicentennial Regional Celebration held at the Dallas Country Club.  KA’s First Lady, Linda Dreyer, drew the lucky ticket.

And the second ‪‎Sesquicentennial Rifle Raffle Winner is…

Clyde M. Jones (Xi – Southwestern ’66)!

How did Brother Jones win this beautiful, limited Sesquicentennial Edition Uberti/Winchester 1873 rifle finished in 24-carat gold, antique gold, high-gloss nickel and black chrome?

He made a donation to the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation at a Regional Sesquicentennial Event or online at KAOEF.org/donate.


Throughout 2015, a total of 15 limited edition rifles, like this one, will be auctioned or raffled. A new round of 50 raffle tickets are being sold now – you must purchase a ticket (101-150) to be eligible for the second raffle. Visit KAOEF.org/donate, enter $100 and “rifle” in the special designation. 

These $5000 rifles may be available for sale, but they are limited. Email Former Knight Commander and KAOEF Chief Development Officer Ben Satcher for more information. Wheat barley Brother Jones!

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