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Spring Social Dos and Don’ts

The academic year is starting to wind down and everyone is looking forward to summer and that last social event of the semester. While everyone is excited to celebrate a successful year and the graduation of their seniors, here are some important dos and don’ts to ensure your social event is not only fun, but also safe and in compliance with the Kappa Alpha Order Risk Management Policy.

MidtermsDO plan your event in full detail and well in advance.
DON’T plan your social right before finals or a week of tests.

DO choose a fun theme to get attendees excited.
DON’T choose a theme that could be considered inappropriate or offensive.

DO arrange for safe transportation to and from the event location.
DON’T let your members or their guests ask the random person down the street for a ride home. 

forrestgumpDO provide food and non-alcoholic drinks for your guests.
DON’T eat 20 pounds of cheese and cocktail weenies or drink 15 Dr. Peppers.

DO have sober members or hired security guards to monitor your party.
DON’T let anyone dance on elevated surfaces.

DO utilize a system to distribute alcohol (BYOB ticket system or Third-Party Vendor).
use chapter funds to purchase alcohol. 

DO decorate the event space for added ambiance.
DON’T bring pets or use live animals for the decor.

DO create a guest list for your social to ensure it is a closed party and within the 3:1 guest to member ratio.
publicize on campus or social media or let Seth Rogen or Rose Byrne create your guest list.

DO create a playlist or hire a band/DJ to keep the social lively.DJ_Request
DON’T hire DJ Request or play any unpopular music (i.e. Nickelback or One Direction).

DO ensure your venue is up to fire code and can accommodate all of your attendees.
DON’T throw your social in an abandoned warehouse.

DO inform all members of the rules and remind them that they are responsible for their guests and to act appropriately.
DON’T let your attendees end up on Fail Friday.

arm_hairDO have someone check IDs and mark those under 21 and give wristbands to those 21 and older. 
catch someone’s arm hair in the wristband adhesive. 

DO monitor the amount of alcohol that your attendees consume.
DON’T serve anyone who is not 21 or older or is intoxicated. 

DO ensure that all of your guests have a fun time.
DON’T sacrifice the safety of your members and guests or the reputation of your chapter and the Order.

If you have any questions or concerns as to what is appropriate for any aspect of a social event, please contact your chapter’s Associate Director for Chapter Services or Director of Risk Management David Merrill.

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