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Tampa, Florida Celebration Recap

fermanMay 7, 2015 – The sixth Sesquicentennial Regional Celebration was held in the Tampa Yacht and Country Club overlooking Tampa Bay. Brothers and their guest enjoyed an opportunity to meet  William E. Dreyer (Alpha Delta – William Jewell) and hear him discuss his four objectives as Knight Commander and the Order’s accomplishments in this historic year.  James L. Ferman (Epsilon – Emory ’62) gave the Sesquicentennial Toast.

Photos of the Tampa Sesquicentennial Celebration are available on Kappa Alpha Order’s Facebook page under the album Tampa Regional Sesquicentennial Celebration

10978556_10152861410917284_1598099289662089727_nThe limited, Sesquicentennial Edition Uberti/Winchester 1873 rifle was on display for all to see and purchase a raffle ticket.  The rifle receiver is finished in 24-carat gold, antique gold, high-gloss nickel and black chrome. If you would like to enter into the next 50 ticket raffle, you may still purchase your ticket by clicking on KAOEF.org/donate, submitting $100, and putting the word “Rifle” in the special account designation field.

Kappa Alpha Order and the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation
would like to thank the St. Louis Celebration Host Committee:

Mr. Daniel R. Amato, Jr. (Gamma Eta – Florida State ’08)
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Bertron (Lambda – Virginia ’82)
Mr. and Mrs. A. Webb Bond (Epsilon Mu – Elon ’05)
Mr. Guy D. Colado (Gamma Pi – Florida Southern ’64)
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Collins (Gamma Eta – Florida State ’90)
Mr. and Mrs. Preston L. Farrior (Beta Zeta – Florida ’85)
Mr. Rex Farrior, III (Beta Zeta – Florida ‘78)
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Ferman, Jr. (Epsilon – Emory ’62) 
Mr. John R. Ferrell (Gamma Eta – Florida  ’82)   
Mr. Peter J. Gardner (Beta Zeta – Florida ’96)
Mr. and Mrs. Truett T. Gardner (Beta Pi – Presbyterian  ’91)  
Mr. Anthony M. Graziani (Zeta Pi – Florida Gulf Coast ’07)
Mr. J. Ned Hancock (Beta Zeta – Florida ’79)
Mr. and Mrs. Stumpy Harris (Beta Zeta – Florida ’57)
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Jacob, Jr. (Beta Pi – Presbyterian  ’75)
Mr. Charles R. “Chas” Jordan (Zeta Nu – North Florida ’02)
Mr. David C. Merrill (Zeta Pi – Florida Gulf Coast ’08)
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Morgan, III (Nu – Auburn ’57)
Mr. James K. Murray, III (Lambda – Virginia ’82)
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew V. Pittman (Beta Lambda – Southern Methodist ’89)
Mr. R. James Robbins, Jr. (Lambda – Virginia ’78)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Rodriguez (Beta Zeta – Florida ’84)
Mr. Bradley S. Salzer (Epsilon – Emory ’79)
Mr. C. Norman Stallings, Jr. (Lambda – Virginia ’65)
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Turley (Alpha Psi – Rollins  ’53)
Mr. William H. Wadsworth (Beta Zeta – Florida ’74)

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