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Kappa Alpha Order’s Fall Sexual Assault Workshop

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 10.08.03 AMKappa Alpha Order and other interfraternal organizations are taking a stand against sexual assault with the development of a new educational program for college students. Recognizing that everyone plays a role in preventing sexual assault violence and creating a safer social culture, ten fraternities and sororities have adopted this program.
To develop a comprehensive approach to prevention, the groups worked with Aaron Boe, the founder of Prevention Culture, which specializes in non-stranger sexual assault and relational violence prevention, healthy relationships, and bystander intervention. The program aims to equip students with the tools necessary to create safe and supportive chapter cultures. It covers topics including healthy standards for personal relationships, misconceptions about non-stranger sexual assault, intervention techniques for complicated social situations and ways to support a victim/survivor.   
Please note that is our goal for every chapter to participate with our workshop this Fall semester.  It is important that every chapter plans accordingly as our Associate Directors present the best facilitated discussion. 
As a reminder, please make sure the following is set up:
  • Reserve a campus classroom that has a projector and enough seating for all members of the chapter.
  • The workshop takes an hour.  Please make sure there is additional time after the chapter meeting.
  • Please bring a pen and paper
  • Arrive with a good attitude and willingness to learn
“Kappa Alpha Order is committed to further educating our undergraduate members on sexual misconduct and preventing assault while, ultimately, developing our members into gentlemen and leaders.” – Larry Stanton Wiese, Executive Director
This program will be integrated into Kappa Alpha Order’s ongoing prevention efforts which have emphasized education and reinforcement of KA values and training on bystander intervention. 

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