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Tailgates and Homecoming

By Mason Tarpley

tailgateIt’s that time of year again where the leaves are falling, the air is getting cooler, and the glory that is college football is in full swing. With college football, also comes tailgating and game day parties, which can be a blast! When hosting tailgates, there a few things that you need to keep in mind so you can keep everyone safe and still have a good time.

Firstly, the risk management policy still applies. Yes, that risk management policy. This means that all rules and regulations that govern social functions hosted by the chapter, also apply to governing tailgates and game day parties hosted by the chapter. The chapter still needs to adhere to those rules and regulations of Kappa Alpha Order and the college/university and all local and national laws.

Secondly, all social events, including tailgates and game day parties, need to adhere to proper B.Y.O.B. policies (the tag-ticket system) or third party vendor guidelines. Along with this, is that there cannot be a common source of alcohol, including but not limited to: cases, kegs, punch, etc. 

Finally, a Homecoming tailgate can be a great tool to reconnect with alumni and build relations between the active chapter and your alumni base. With these events, as with a regular tailgate, all risk management policies as stated above should be followed during a Homecoming tailgate. Another aspect to keep in mind when hosting an alumni event is to make sure that it is family-friendly. Having a tailgate and an alumni event that is family-friendly will encourage more attendance and comradery between your active chapter and alumni.

If you have any questions regarding tailgates or the Kappa Alpha Order Risk Management Policy, contact your ADCS or Director of Risk Management David Merrill.

Be safe and have fun this college football season!

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