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KA Brothers Lead Efforts to “TaketheFight” to Cancer

TTF-Who-New-David-SteveWhen Steve Warren (Iota – Furman) a prominent South Carolina attorney was diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer, he and his son, David (Chi – Vanderbilt ’05) decided to take the fight to the “enemy”. The father and son duo founded TaketheFight, a non-profit organization designed to train and pair college students with cancer patients to help them and their families fight cancer. 

Along with the two founders, several other KAs were instrumental to the success of TaketheFight. Tax attorney Rob Wall (Tau – Wake Forest ’95) worked with the IRS to obtain the 501(c)(3) designation. McLain Wallace (Tau – Wake Forest ’82), general council at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, drafted initial TaketheFight disclaimers and documents. Austin Rees (Tau – Wake Forest ‘10) and Brett Donahoo (Tau – Wake Forest ’10) were two of the first KA brothers enlisted in 2012 by the Warrens to be part of the program, to give their time actually working one-on-one with cancer patients. 

TaketheFight announced its new Two-Year Fellowship program in August of 2015, expanding to top students across the USA, the UK, and Canada. Year 1, during their senior year, Cancer Strategists support a patient 1on1, as Austin, Brett and many others have done at Wake Forest. And in Year 2, Strategists work full-time at TaketheFight’s headquarters to develop and execute tangible solutions to the problems they experienced in the health system during Year 1.

We believe that some of you have the ability to become phenomenal Cancer Strategists who will not only impact a family’s entire journey through cancer during your final year, but will also change healthcare with us when you graduate.

Join us. Let’s get to work–people need our help. For more information click HERE.


Apply for the TaketheFight Fellowship

Applications are now open through ​November 25th.
Students who pass the Application Round should expect two rounds of additional interviews, as we narrow down top applicants. An interview round will be conducted via Skype, and the final round will be conducted in-person. We will extend Acceptance Offers to our final teams in March.

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