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Prepare Summer Billing Cycles

OmegaFi LogoBy Tullis Beasley

With the spring semester coming to a close it is important to make sure that all preparations have been made for the summer billing cycles. It is important for chapters to assess dues over the summer to assist with Report 1 (National Dues and Insurance) which will be billed to each chapter at the beginning of the Fall semester. Have the Number VI of your chapter contact the chapter’s OmegaFi account representative to set the billing cycles for the summer. National Dues and Insurance is $300.00 ($305 as of July 1, 2016) per member that is on the chapter roster as of August 25th. Another importance of summer dues is to help grow chapter funds to position the chapter to be successful leading into Fall recruitment. Do not let your chapter get in a tight position financially to start the Fall semester. It is important that the chapter start the Fall semester off on a good foot!

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