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KA Brotherhood Relief Grants Fund

LA Flood Damage 2016

The KA Brotherhood Relief Grants Fund was established in 2005 as the Disaster Relief Grants Fund to provide relief to members of Kappa Alpha Order who find themselves in financial distress due to a major disaster or emergency. The fund is managed by the KAOEF, and a committee unbiasedly selects recipients based on applications received and available funds.

If you would like to contribute to the KA Brotherhood Relief Grants Fund, you may mail a check to Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation, 115 Liberty Hall Road, Lexington, VA 24450 or visit KAOEF.org/donate, select “In Honor of” under Tribute and include “KA Brotherhood Relief Fund” in the “Tribute Name” field.

By contributing to the KAOEF Brotherhood Relief Grants Fund, you can ensure that your contribution directly benefits KA brothers in need.

If you know of anyone wishing to apply for a grant, please have them contact the Kappa Alpha Order National Administrative Office at (540) 463-1865.

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