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Welcome to Kappa Alpha Order!

Dear Brother,

Welcome to membership in Kappa Alpha Order. KA is a moral compass for the modern gentleman, and our values of reverence, gentility, knowledge, leadership, brotherhood, and excellence still ring true. 

You will invest a lot of time and energy during your experience. The first phase of your involvement is a new member education program not lasting more than eight weeks to help prepare you for your initiation experience. The initiation ceremony seeks to enlighten new members on the ideals of chivalry and gentility. 

With this said, hazing has no place in our organization. If at any time you feel uncomfortable during your new member process, please do not hesitate to contact our National Administrative Office located in Lexington, Virginia, at 540-463-1865 or by emailing Executive Director Larry Stanton Wiese at lswiese@ka-order.org.

You should have a local alumni advisory committee in place to advise your chapter, and, volunteer leaders and members of the KA staff are available to assist you and your chapter. I hope you enjoy your time in your chapter and begin to understand that KA is a lifelong experience.

As the national president, I hope you find joy in your membership as I have in mine.

KC Kay electronic Signature 1

Darren S. Kay (Alpha Eta–Westminster ’88)
Knight Commander

A few helpful links:
goKA – Your national membership portal. Please finish all steps to register your membership.
KappaAlphaOrder.org – The Order’s national website.
Hazing Hotline – Anonymous telephone line, open 24-7
KAonlineStore.com – The official store of KA
Herff Jones – KA’s Official Jeweler
Find Greek – Find licensed vendors of KA products

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