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Preventing a School Bombing in Denmark: KA Honors U.S. Army Major for Service

While stationed at Iraq’s al Asad Airbase while deployed, U.S. Army Major Bradley A. Grimm (Gamma Omega–Midwestern State ’90) helped to foil a plot to bomb a school in Denmark. Grimm  provided “actionable intelligence” from captured documents about foreign fighters that included information on threats against a Danish school using home made explosives.

“The information he provided helped to foil a plot and resulted in an arrest and a confiscation of explosives,” said Col. Steve Warren, a spokesman for the Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve. “Brad’s work likely saved the lives of Danish citizens.”

Grimm was also recently awarded the Danish Defense Medal for Special Meritorious Effort. “It’s not every day an American captain receives a very high, prestigious medal from a foreign county,” Warren said. The medal was originally awarded for meritorious deployment outside of Denmark, but after 2010, the Danish government began awarding it to civilians or military personnel for meritorious service for the betterment of the Danish Defense.

While deployed in Iraw, Grimm also helped develop a system to “speed the flow of intelligence” from the ground to the senior leaders.

Councilor Leake, Major Grimm, and Executive Director Wiese

On Saturday, February 18, 2017, during the Ammen, Hamilton, and Wood Province Council in Lexington, Virginia, Councilor Sam O. Leake, Jr. honored Brother Grimm with the Award for Distinguished Public Service. In addition, he also presented brother Grimm with membership into the Military Division of Kappa Alpha Order.

The Distinguished Public Service Award was established by the Executive Council to recognize members of Kappa Alpha Order who have demonstrated public service by serving in local, state or in the federal government. Recipients range from city councilmen, district attorneys, ATF or FBI agents, and President Cabinet appointees.

The Military Division of Kappa Alpha Order is available to brothers in good standing that are either currently serving, retired, or have been honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy). Brothers receive a Military Division lapel pin and certificate.

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