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Gateway Alumni Chapter Receives Charter

Tony Maheu and Knight Commander Darren S. Kay

Knight Commander Darren S. Kay presented the charter of the Gateway Alumni Chapter to Anthony “Tony” M. Maheu (Zeta Sigma–Southern Illinois ’11) at the reception prior to the Knight Commander’s Banquet in the Hyatt Regency at the Arch during the 77th Convention & Brotherhood Weekend in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Gateway Alumni Chapter was established on March 29, 2017, in St. Louis, Missouri. If you are interested in joining or learning more about the alumni chapter, contact president Tony Maheu at tony.maheu@gmail.com.

Chartering alumni members include:

  • Darrell W. Angleton (Beta Alpha–Missouri S&T ’83)
  • Christopher R. Borgmann (Beta Alpha–Missouri S&T ’01)
  • James M. Carter (Beta Alpha–Missouri S&T ’04)
  • Dulany R. Harms (Beta Alpha–Missouri S&T ’73)
  • Daniel L. Higgerson (Delta Nu–Murray State ’06)
  • Michael S. Holm (Zeta Sigma–Southern Illinois ’13)
  • R. Alan Jonagan (Alpha Kappa–Missouri ’81)
  • Robert W. Kaps (Beta Theta–Washington Univ. ’64)
  • Joel J. Kovach (Beta Alpha–Missouri S&T ’02)
  • Donovan G. Lemay (Zeta Sigma–Southern Illinois ’11)
  • Anthony M. Maheu (Zeta Sigma–Southern Illinois ’11)
  • Daniel J. Mikalian (Zeta Sigma–Southern Illinois ’11)
  • William J. Nance (Beta Alpha–Missouri S&T ’01), President
  • Scott A. Newlon (Zeta Sigma–Southern Illinois ’11)
  • Jonathan T. Pardeck (Beta Alpha–Missouri S&T ’98)
  • Scott T. Ramsey (Zeta Sigma–Southern Illinois ’11)
  • Dalton E. Runyon (Zeta Sigma–Southern Illinois ’14)
  • Kevin M. Schrader (Zeta Sigma–Southern Illinois ’12)
  • Richard M. Sloan (Zeta Sigma–Southern Illinois ’11)
  • James B. Terrill (Alpha Kappa–Missouri ’93)
  • Dax C. Volle (Zeta Sigma–Southern Illinois ’11)
  • Tyler J. Wells (Zeta Sigma–Southern Illinois ’14)
  • Robert W. Welsch (Beta Alpha–Missouri S&T ’95)
  • Michael D. Winnett (Beta Alpha–Missouri S&T ’75)

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