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KA Helps Veteran Fighting Cancer

Photo by Blue Ribbon News

Dr. Lowrance fills hearts and cavities alike

Dr. Stan Lowrance (Gamma Sigma—West Texas A&M ’74) goes above and beyond the call of dentistry for his patients in Rockwall, TX.

A local military veteran battling cancer was in constant pain. Gum bleeding and loose teeth were side effects of her treatment. Those effects made it difficult for her to continue her work as a nurse. The pain drove her to the point of tears in front of patient Tom Galli—who called his dentist to the rescue.

The Veteran Affairs Department does not offer dental treatment for side effects resulting from cancer care, but this was no matter for Dr. Lowrance. He reached out to the nurse and went on to offer her over $15,000 of dental care, completely free of charge.

Lowrance’s heroics earned him the John Ratcliffe Lone Star Award, which recognizes citizens for extraordinary acts of service. As one of four total recipients since the award’s establishment, he joins ranks with citizens who have donated thousands of pounds of food to children in need, rescued a victim from a burning car, and helped a homeless, blind veteran find employment and surgery to restore his eyesight.

“Stan Lowrance is a charitable, big-hearted, Christian man with empathy,” said Galli in an interview with Blue Ribbon News. “But more than just empathy, he’s got the strength of character that transforms empathy into action that helps others, and that is very rare indeed.”

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