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Leading Brothers on the High Seas

Captain Shannon Attales Offers Charters and Inspiration 

Shannon Attales (Delta Upsilon–Tennessee-Martin ’03) graduated 13 years ago, packed up, and moved to the Florida Keys to become a deep-sea fishing captain—all before he had even caught his first mahi-mahi.

“I’d never been saltwater fishing before,” said Attales, better known to his clients as Captain Shannon. “But I knew that it was something that I felt that I wanted to do. I was like, man it would be so cool to actually do something that you love and help people.”

He is now the proud owner of his own vessel, known as the Warbird. Attales owns and operates Warbird Fishing Charters, which allows guests to experience a day on the high seas in Islamorada. Captain Shannon leads his clients in pursuit of a variety of deep-sea game fish, including dolphin, hogfish, snapper, black fin tuna, skip jacks, and tripletail.

“I can provide a service that helps them achieve their goals. It’s more so just the camaraderie about fishing with people,” said Captain Shannon. “Or taking a family fishing or helping a kid catch his first fish. That’s more so what appeals to me rather than the fishing itself.”

Attales began work as a first mate in 2004. He spent about six years learning the trade before he felt comfortable taking clients out on his own charters. Captain Shannon’s deep-sea fishing has earned recognition in many local contests. He has been featured in The Miami Herald, the cover of Saltwater Sportsman magazine, and George Poveromo’s World of Saltwater Fishing television series, which runs on NBC Sports Network.

In spite of this publicity, Attales maintains his focus on family. “I try not to let that kind of stuff go to my head because I know there’s so many capable people down here,” he said. “But I do pride myself on being family oriented.”

Captain Shannon stands out as a beacon of integrity in a field he said is often overcome with drug and alcohol abuse. “A lot of the people that are in the community, they’re in that mindset that they’re always on vacation,” said Attales. “It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the whole bar scene down here and party, party, party, because it is a tourist town.”

Among his colleagues, Attales is one of the few who has managed to own his own boat, business, and home. He said the Order played a role in the formation of his work ethic and character. “Being a brother of Kappa Alpha Order, definitely helped mold me into who I am,” said Captain Shannon. “I owe a lot to KA for sure.”

The brothers with whom he goes fishing attest to the strength of Attales’s character. “People look up to him in the community for being outgoing, honest, friendly, and chivalrous,” said Elliott Myers (Beta Gamma–Charleston ’11). “He puts others first in every situation. He works harder than anyone I know. Captain Shannon Attales is the Definition of a Gentleman in the utmost sense.”

Captain Shannon and Elliott Myers

Myers was on a family vacation in 2012 when he was approached in the marina by Attales, who noticed the KA letters on his t-shirt. The two bonded immediately over their shared brotherhood, and the Myers family enjoyed an afternoon of deep-sea fishing with Attales, including the capture of a 40-pound prize bull dolphin.

Captain Shannon has crossed paths with several brothers throughout his deep-sea fishing career. In fact, on the first charter he took as a captain, he met five KAs. “The fact that we were brothers from the same Order was just absolutely amazing,” said Attales. “To share that bond makes it a very unique experience. No matter what happens throughout the day, to call them a brother, that’s a very special feeling.”

Brotherhood continues to play a role in Captain Shannon’s life. “That longevity of friendship is really, really special.” Attales said he is “always looking to take brothers fishing.” He offers full or half-day deep-sea fishing charters, and is reachable by phone at: (305) 522-5587.


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