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FSU KA Interns with Senator Hatch

Throughout the summer of 2017, Davis M. Michols (Gamma Eta–Florida State ’15) interned in Washington, D.C., serving on the U.S. Senate Finance Committee as a Healthcare Intern under chairman Senator Orrin Hatch.

“I was lucky enough to be interning for the Finance Committee when the healthcare bill (Better Care Reconciliation Act) was trying to get passed through Congress so I spent a majority of my time working on that,” Davis said. “I regularly assisted Finance Committee staffers with legislative research projects, attended meetings, and would take notes in legislative hearings for anything that pertained to the Better Care Reconciliation Act.”

At certain times, Daivs helped serve the constituents of Utah and would write memos for Senator Hatch. He also got exposure to lots of CEOs, doctors, professors, and lobbyists when dealing with certain policy issues, making a great deal of connections.

In addition, Davis was encouraged to attend educational lectures and activities to learn about issues related to Congress through the insights of guest speakers.

“To me, the best part of the internship was being able to watch roll call votes take place first hand on the Senate floor,” Davis said. “My favorite memory was being at the Senate floor until 2am watching the last vote go through which blocked the healthcare bill. However, it was unfortunate since, throughout my internship, we were working on getting it passed.”

Davis enjoyed his experience so much that he is planning on interning again this summer.

“I have applied for the White House internship program but if that doesn’t work out then I have an internship lined up with a lobbying group back up in DC.”

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