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Fundraising though a Restaurant Benefit Night

If you are looking for an easy way to raise funds for the Muscular Dystorphy Association, Homes for Our Troops, or another charitable organization, look no further! Hosting a benefit night at restaurant in your town can be a great option. Many local, regional, and national restaurants are willing to host benefit nights and donate a percentage of the food sales to a good cause. Give it a Google search or view lists on websites like GroupRaise.com. You will be surprised how many restaurants want to give back to good causes! Here is the basic steps for planning a benefit night.

  1. Find a Restaurant Select a local restaurant or find a chain that hosts benefit nights (utilize Google or link above).
  2. Determine the Date, Time, & Percentage Sit down in person with the restaurant manager and propose hosting a benefit night. If they agree, be sure to establish the date, time, percentage to be donated, and what charity will benefit.  Typically, a restaurant will want to host benefit nights on their slower nights, probably Monday through Wednesday, to help boost their sales for the week.
  3. Promote Get the word out! Create posters and flyers, utilize social media, school email/announcement boards, meeting and classroom announcements, and any other way to promote the event. Also, you should encourage each member of your chapter to bring 2 guests.
  4. Share Your Efforts & Results Post fundraising results and photos on social media, put together a press release for your local and school newspapers, and document your efforts for your school’s and KA’s award applications.

Extra Credit:

  • Higher, Higher: Find other ways to  raise money at the event like a 50/50 raffle, selling bingo cards, raffle off a cooler or prize, or simply asking for donations. Be sure to ask the restaurant manger before hand.
  • Invite the beneficiary: For example, if you are raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, reach out to the local office near you to have a representative come out, speak at the event, or share the event with their network of families.
  • Double the Impact: If girls are there, guys will follow. Partner with a sorority and double the impact.

Reminder: All events must be in compliance with the Kappa Alpha Order Risk Management Policy

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