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Lyons Honored by Fraternity Communications Association

The Fraternity Communications Association has awarded Jesse Lyons (Delta Alpha–Western Carolina ’98) the Marilyn Simpson Ford Award of Distinction. This award is dedicated to someone who has adamantly worked to advance the Association’s vision and purpose.

Jesse has served FCA since 2012, contributing to the Association in a variety of manners. He has served the Association as the Director of Networking, Vice President of Programming for two years, and President for two years. He most recently served on the board as Past President. Jesse has played an instrumental role in FCA’s success, having a tremendous impact on the Association’s sponsors and associate members as he worked to improve everyone’s experiences with FCA, improve the database, and increase the number of member organizations.

Jesse currently lives in Lexington, Virginia with his wife, Tracy, their daughter, Annalee, and son, Samford. He serves Kappa Alpha Order as the Assistant Executive Director for Advancement and Editor of The Kappa Alpha Journal. He also plays an influential role in Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation’s communications efforts. He is a member of the KAOEF’s Crimson & Gold Society and a recipient of the Knight Commander’s Accolade.

Lyons (left) with FCA President Todd Shelton (Delta Lambda–Middle Tennessee State ’91)

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