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2018 Fall – Tennessee Chapter Update

University of Tennessee, Pi Chapter: Newsletter
September 30th, 2018

Welcome Our New Members

On August 22, 2018, 42 of the University of Tennessee’s finest signed their bids with Pi Chapter. This brings chapter membership to 157 men.

Such progress would not have been possible had it not been for the countless hours of hard work and dedication that all our members have executed. Pi Chapter fosters a healthy environment that focuses on academic success, maintaining a strong presence within the community and on campus, and supporting a lasting brotherhood. We are eager to lead our newest members through the newly constructed new member education process and are anticipating to add these quality men to the Chapter later this fall.

The Chapter is tremendously proud of its recent improvement and added success; Pi Chapter prides itself in always aiming for a higher moral standard. The new members are submerged into a group that strives to uphold chapter traditions, values, and increasing expectations of academic achievement within the greek community and around campus. We are certain that the fine men who have accepted bids this fall have the desire and willingness to adopt those expectations.

Rush this year was a great success as we have had many students come by and meet the Brothers and get a better feel for Pi Chapter. It seems like we consistently recruit a new member class that are inherently focused on their grades, community, and carrying themselves as gentlemen. Special thanks goes out to Number IV: Elliot Hotovec for organizing such a great rush week.

We have grown exponentially, and we are excited to see what kinds of things Pi Chapter can accomplish as a whole moving forward.

Recently, some of our new members helped volunteer to clean up litter that has been harming our local Wetlands. The Wetlands have been preserved and the trash that was being thrown from the road was washing into the Wetlands and destroying them. These men and a few brothers went back there and cleaned up all the trash in the area to help stop the continual pollution from negligent litter. We are proud of these young men for their commitment to the community and are certain they exemplify what it means to be a member of the Order.

Parents’ Weekend

On September 14th, Pi Chapter hosted the annual Parents’ Weekend Dinner. This weekend was a large success and we want to thank everyone who took the time to come out and spend that time with us. We enjoy this weekend especially because it gives the Chapter a chance to share what we have been up to and what we are working towards. We understand we would not be in the position we currently are without the help and support of our parents and loved ones. Also, a special thanks goes out to our Number I (Matt Gargis), II (Nick Buckles), and III (Will Sudbrink), for giving a short speech that really exemplified what we are about as brothers and members of the community.

Brothers and Parents enjoying their weekend at the Mill and Mine


On September 9th, Pi Chapter participated in the annual MDA Muscle Walk. The walk itself was held at Ashley Nicole Dream Playground at Caswell Park. Pi Chapter attended and helped set up the event, run the event, and help take everything down afterwards. The event started around 2pm, and ended at 4pm; the walk allowed kids and families to meet the brothers at different booths and play some games before the actual walk occurred. Overall, Pi Chapter raised $3,479.50 for this event. It was truly an honor to work with MDA, we were given the opportunity to meet and create relationships with families suffering from Muscular Dystrophy.

Pi Chapter as a whole was very pleased with how the event turned out. Plenty of of families that are suffering from Muscular Dystrophy were present and enjoyed the activities provided and the walk itself. A special thanks goes out to our Philanthropy Chair, Sam Knell for making this event a really positive experience for everyone involved.

We hope we can continue to have successful events like this in the future, and we are continuously encouraging more community involvement!

Alumni Recognition

On September 22nd, Pi Chapter hosted fellow alumni to cheer on the Vols against Florida, and to also pay a tribute to the late wife of a former Kappa Alpha Alumni Association President, Lynn Hatcher. We were humbled to have a brief ceremony for Lynn and those that were very close to her. Pi Chapter is tremendously grateful for all of the work and help Lynn has brought to our Chapter, and we want to thank her and close family members for doing the same. Pi Chapter added a new plaque in the house to commemorate her for the person she was, and the positive impact she left on us. Thank you to all alumni who came out and made the weekend something special. Special thanks goes out to the current Alumni President, Craig Jenkins, for giving an excellent speech.

Academic Excellence

Pi Chapter achieved the second highest GPA across campus IFC for the Spring of 2018 with a cumulative 3.27. The semester before, the chapter GPA was a 3.17, so we are happy to see positive progress. We are extremely proud of the work the brothers have done to better themselves in the classroom. However, we are really striving for a cumulative chapter GPA of a 3.3 for Fall 2018. The brothers are consistently working towards bettering themselves for future endeavors, the hard work will pay off.

Upcoming on October 19th, Pi Chapter will host the annual Scholarship Dinner for active members who successfully maintained a 3.75 and above.

Brothers who have maintained a 3.75 or better for the Spring of 2018:

  • AJ Bethurum
  • Alex Abernathy
  • Alex Esposito
  • Carson Blakley
  • Carter Issacs
  • Connor Poff
  • Drake Lyle
  • Heston Freidland
  • Joey Gugliotta
  • JW Baird
  • Kizer Harris
  • Lucas French
  • Matt McKenzie
  • Thomas Clarity
  • Wesley Smith

Congratulations to these fine men for performing superbly in their previous academic semester, we hope that we will be adding many names to this list in the coming semester.

Pi Chapter is currently focusing on raising funds for additional educational scholarships and incentive programs. Any contributions made will be highly appreciated and will further aide the Chapter in achieving its goals!

Established in 1982, the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The Foundation provides grants for educational programs of the fraternity, such as the Number I’s Leadership Institute and enhanced Province Councils, and provides scholarships to deserving graduate and undergraduate students. Donate Now!

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