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UTA KA Leads Legal Marketing Association

Since 2016, Keith N. Wewe (Delta Iota–Texas-Arlington ’92) has served as President of the Legal Marketing Association as well as Content Pilot’s chief relationship agent and account executive, which is located in Dallas, Texas. The Legal Marketing Association is composed of industry specialists that stem from the smallest to largest of firms. This association allows professionals such as lawyers, marketers, and consults to share their knowledge with one another. For 12 years, Keith served three large law firms on the client side of things, which helped him bring expertise knowledge of client experience to Content Pilot.

When describing his position to others, Keith states that everything begins when a client reaches out to him with a problem and then it’s his “job to match them with the perfect mix of products, services and team members so we have the opportunity to exceed every expectation.” Clearly, Keith has had much success of “exceeding every expectation” through his thoroughness to every job and uplifting attitude.

What are Keith’s career objectives today? Keith states that they were the same as they were when he first graduated college: “to work twice-as-hard as my colleagues (and competitors), do the best possible work I can, position every moment in life as a learning opportunity – all the while having fun. It’s a tall order!” This advice is of content that we all should try and do today.

Mr. Keith N. Wewe is a successful KA brother that has represented himself with the with a hard-working attitude as well as a lending hand at all times that has led him to great success. Every KA brother should strive to be as thorough a worker as he has been in his professional life and the Kappa Alpha Order would like to pass on our thankfulness to Keith for his exceptional work.

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