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California Chapter Update – Winter 2019

Jack Connolly and Akbar Khan pledged KA their freshman fall at UC Berkeley. After moving into the house and joining the meal plan, they spotted the inefficiencies in how fraternities provided food for their members so they built an app called Dough as a platform to improve the outdated system. Dough gets deals at local restaurants and allows fraternities to spend their budgets on restaurant meals. However, they quickly realized that Dough could be used by other groups at Cal. Now, Dough has expanded to serve the student body, academic departments, athletes, and student organizations. Since its launch, Dough has grown quickly at Berkeley and now feeds over 2500 students. Jack and Akbar also just received funding to keep the idea going. If your school could use something like Dough, reach out to them at dough@doughpay.co or visit www.doughpay.co

Submitted by James Daugherty, Number V

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