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Texas Tech Alumni Newsletter – Spring 2019

Kappa Alpha Order – Gamma Chi Chapter

Texas Tech University Spring 2019

Editor: William Graves – William.graves@ttu.edu – Number V

Gamma Chi Spring 2019 Dear Alumni and Brothers, Welcome to the Gamma Chi Chapter newsletter, This newsletter will be covering Spring Rush, New Officers List, Sports, Convivum, Province Council, and upcoming events for this spring semester. If you have any questions or comments, you can send to William.graves@ttu.edu (William Graves). Other contact is garrett.jenkins@ttu.edu (Garret Jenkins).

Spring Rush

January 19th – 23rd , 2019

New Members: Austin Barron, Sam Crane, Cody Heinrich, Michael Walker, Ray Nah, Ryder Edmister, Shayde Trammell, Will England,

Spring Rush Orientation 2019 hosted by Gamma Chi.

Officer List

  • No. I – Garrett Jenkins, garrett.jenkins@ttu.edu
  • No. II – Hunter Gilbert, hunter.gilbert@ttu.edu
  • No. III – Tyler Glueck, tyler.glueck@ttu.edu
  • No. IV – IV Seacat, ivseacat@gmail.com
  • No. V – William Graves, William.graves@ttu.edu
  • No. VI – Blake Banister, blake.banister@ttu.edu
  • No. VII – Kenneth Neskorik, Kenneth.neskorik@ttu.edu
  • No. VIII – Zane Scott, zane.scott@ttu.edu
  • No. IX – Grayson McCarley, grayson.mccarley@ttu.edu


This year’s Convivum was held on Wednesday February 6th at the Lubbock Country Club. This year’s guest speaker was former No. I John Hamilton attending along with his wife. Other guests present were Mr. Dan Burns, and Dr. Kimberley Thornton. Other guests were alumni Judge Hatch, Mr. Mark Vinson, Mr. Ron Childress and his wife, Judge Hocker and his wife, Mr. Michael Prouty and wife, Mr. Kirk Corbin, Mr. Trace Hunt and wife, Dr. Mark Jenkins and his wife, Mr. Rob Hamilton, Mr. Brent Hamilton, Mr. Dusty Bedwell, Mr. Shannon Devaney, and Dr. Idris Traylor. We had over 190 people in attendance for the evening.

Dr. Traylor’s 50th Celebration at Gamma Chi

Special thank you to Dr. Traylor for 25 years as Alumnus Advisor and 50 years a Faculty Advisor!! Please save the date April 27th at the McKenzie-Market Alumni Center (on campus) for a 1 o’clock luncheon. There will also be an informal get together at the Gamma Chi lodge on Friday night. More information to come soon.

Individual Awards and Outstanding Members

This semester Gamma Chi revamped several awards in the chapter such as the “Best New Member” and “Most Athletic” in order to great more involvement in the chapter. The “Best New Member” went to freshman (Fall 18) Edward Heard and the “Most Athletic” went to Kodi Casey (Fall 2016). Congratulations to both gentlemen. Jake Edwards (Fall 16) was recently appointed as the IFC President and Brayden Cook as Vice President of Intramurals (Fall 16). Congratulations to both men on achieving leadership roles on campus.

Province Council and Court of Honor

Left to Right Back Row- Blake Bannister, Zane Scott, Rhett Rhouser, Shannon Devaney, Kenneth Neskorik Left to Right Front Row: William Graves, Grayson McCarley, Garret Jenkins, Hunter Gilbert, David Martineau (Province Commander), Tyler Glueck

This past weekend (Feb. 23) in Dallas Gamma Chi won the Carl Albert Award which is awarded only once a year to the Most Improved Chapter with Excellence!

The Albert Award is only presented to one chapter in the country out of 130 chapters and is one of the three highest awards given from nationals. The Court of Honor was held at the Dallas Country Club this year with notable alumni present Dr. Traylor who nominated Mitch Heidenheimer to be inducted into the Court of Honor! Other Gamma Chi’s present were the No. I, No. II, and No. III along with Alumni Advisor Shannon DeVaney, Mike Headlund, John Hamilton, Ron Childress, Hunter Heidenheimer, and Shofner Smith.


Our chapter recently just threw our first chapter-wide mixer this semester with Kappa Alpha Theta. The women came to the KA lodge for an afternoon to eat shrimp, watch basketball, and mingle with the brothers in the chapter. The ladies loved the mixer so much that they were impressed by how polite and friendly everyone was especially the New Members and how good of a Spring Pledge Class they are. One more way to show how we still represent the idea of a southern gentleman.

Community Service

(Left: Garret Jenkins, Middle: Billy Vanderburg, Right: Hunter Gilbert)

This semester as a chapter we will be increasing the number of service events from years past starting with helping Lubbock Impact on 2/27/19. Lubbock Impact mission is to help those in the areas of food, clothing, healthcare, and spiritual growth. The brothers plan to help by volunteering in the kitchen and dining areas to serve food and handle cleanup for an evening. As a chapter we plan to help at least once a month for the remainder of the semester. Also, Gamma Chi just recently donated shirts to the local Texas Boys Ranch. Total Monetary Value of the shirts was $1500. Upcoming philanthropy event MDA muscle walk will be April 13th at 10:00 A.M at the Buddy Holly Park.

Also, to add for the annual “The Pull Together for KA” Gamma Chi along with its alumnus and active members raised over $16,000 placing 1st for dollars raised and 3rd for most donors for chapters over 100 members in the nation. (Left: Garret Jenkins, Middle: Billy Vanderburg, Right: Hunter Gilbert)

Chapter Health and Growth

The Chapter invited Police Chief David Wilson to speak to the chapter about making good and bad decisions and the consequences that follow as a result of bad decisions. Gamma Chi asked and paid for Chief Wilson to speak to us before a chapter meeting began.

The Chapter requested to have Taylor Johnston speak to the chapter from the University Career Center about resumes, LinkedIn, job applications etc..

Upcoming Events

  • Roseball April 7th- 13th, Alumni are welcome to attend: More information to follow
  • Convention in New Orleans August 1st-3rd 2019 (Senior Councilor Douglas Simmons will become Knight Commander) Open to Everyone
  • MDA muscle walk will be April 13th at 10:00 A.M. at the Buddy Holly Park.

Additional Notes

  • More information will come to follow as stated in newsletter for events about Roseball and Dr. Traylor’s Celebration Luncheon.
  • For any recommendations for potential new members in the Fall please reach out to No. I Garret Jenkins and IV Seacat. Emails listed in Officers List.

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