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“Deus et Dames” Inspires Female Empowerment

Brother uses physical fitness to build confidence, support philanthropy

“Our motto is “for God and for women.” KA always holds women in reverence,” said Jim Beebe (Epsilon Rho—Purdue ’94), a brother who has devoted himself to living out the values of The Order by empowering women through physical fitness.

Beebe founded his own CrossFit affiliate in Plainfield, Indiana in 2012. The gym offers a range of regimens centered on a high intensity approach to group exercise. “One of the things that we find most beneficial with having young females train with us is they develop tremendous self-confidence,” said Jim.

Jim acknowledged the societal pressures facing women related to beauty standards and objectification—factors that he considered when raising his four daughters. “We want our women to be strong and independent, so they can stand on their own feet. They’re confident in and of themselves. And by training with us, it really has an impact on that.”

Under Jim’s leadership, the CrossFit Unbreakable studio has gone beyond these day-to-day efforts to create an annual event designed to empower women with a breast cancer fundraiser termed “Unbreakable Boobs.”

“Since about one in every seven females are affected by breast cancer, it’s usually near and dear to a lot of our members’ hearts,” said Beebe. The fundraiser called on sponsors to back athletes participating in physical challenges as part of the CrossFit program. Last year, the event raised almost $9,000, which went to support local breast cancer patients.

Jim’s commitment to community service began well before his CrossFit days. “One year as Number I, I noticed our philanthropy was weak. So we started doing some more work there, and when we were volunteering at the local hospital or shelters, you could really see that it makes a difference,” said Beebe. “You’re really helping people make a turn or make a change.”

Beebe continues to value the brotherhood connection in his efforts to bring the motto of The Order to life. Brothers stood up in his wedding, invested to help Jim start his business, and even serve as a godfather for his son. “So by and large, it was a tremendous impact. We worked hard together. And we had a lot of fun. They’ve been my friends for almost three decades.”

Jim plans to continue the organization’s community service efforts with monthly giving, including donations to church auctions and fundraising for the local football team. Beebe said his membership in KA has evidenced the importance of philanthropy. “Thank you for instilling this value when I was an undergrad. It makes a difference.”


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