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Eastern Kentucky Celebrates 50

Delta Mu Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order

50th Anniversary

by Mike Wills

On June 8, 2019 the brothers of Delta Mu Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order gathered in Louisville, Kentucky to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Delta Mu Chapter. This event would not have been possible without the work of many.  Charter member brothers began the planning in June of 2018 and with the able assistance of our Province Commander, Brother Collin Taylor a 50th Anniversary Steering Committee was formed.  The purpose of this group was to plan the event and raise funds that could be used by the active chapter scholarships and training needs.   After paying expenses for a catered meal, a rose for each wife or lady in attendance, lapel pins and commemorative coins three thousand dollars were raised for Delta Mu Chapter.  While we have visions to raise more funds within the present and coming year, this was a good start.  Members of the steering committee were: John Barker, Phill Burgess, Dick Burks, Terry Cottengim, Michael Jones, Gail King, Trip McCracken, Billy Moody, Mike Nantz, A.C. “Buddy” Nunn, Joshua Perry, Bob Sullivan, Collin Taylor, Ron Taylor, Steve Templeton, Jimmy Wheeler, Bill White and Mike Wills.  Without the assistance of these brothers, this wonderful event could not have occurred.

The weekend started with a wonderful event for charter members and pledges in the years 1969 to 1972 on the evening of June 7, 2019, at the home of John and Pat Barker.  The evening featured hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, wine and beer and a magnificent meal.  Most of all it was a gathering of many brothers who had not seen each other in fifty years!  A truly memorable event and it was the great start of a magnificent weekend.

The reunion lodging was at the Hilton Garden Inn on Sherburn Lane which was within walking distance of the reunion site at the Zachary Taylor American Legion Post on Shelbyville Road. The locations provided a great venue for brothers and their wives to breakfast and visit with each other and spending the day enjoying the local sites and countless shopping opportunities as the St. Matthews Mall.  All of this was planned during the previous months and coordinated by Brother Bob Sullivan, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and a member of the American Legion Post who coordinated the reunion site, hotel accommodations and the equally superb catered meal at the reunion site.  In addition, our Steering Committee Treasurer, Gail King ensured prompt payment of needed funds.  The success of this event was in no small manner, attributable to both of these fine brothers.

The June 8, 2019, chapter reunion event started at 5:30 p.m. with a cocktail hour and hors d’oeuvres, followed by an invocation, and the Pledge of Allegiance.  At that juncture, the catered meal was served and following the meal, the Province Commander Taylor introduced Brother Mike Wills for opening remarks.  Brother Wills provided a historical account of the founding of Delta Mu Chapter from the local chapter of Gamma Delta Tau in 1966 to a KA Colony in the spring of 1968 and the founding of Delta Mu in February of 1969.  Brother Wills was followed by Michael Roberts, current Number I of Delta Mu who provided an excellent update on Delta Mu Chapter. Brother Roberts was followed Brother Jason Morgan, the Delta Mu Alumnus Advisor who provided a first-rate summary of Delta Mu and its accomplishments from an advisor’s perspective.  Brother Morgan was followed by Brother Tanner Gellinger, Zeta Omicron from our National Office in Lexington, Virginia who gave a wonderful State of the Order address.  Following Tanner’s address, Province Commander Taylor assisted by other brothers presented a rose to each lady and all the assembled brothers serenaded the ladies with a stirring rendition the Kappa Alpha Rose.  Closing remarks were made by Bob Sullivan and then the evening continued with group photographs and gatherings of brothers from various initiation years and continued all evening into the wee hours of the morning at the Hilton bar and lounge.

Brothers in attendance were: David Ayers, John Barker, David Bratcher, Phill Burgess, Dick Burks, Craig Casada, Terry Cottengim. Benny Foley, Tanner Gellinger, Michael Jones, Gail King, Timothy Long, Lee Martin, Trip McCracken, Billy Moody, Jason Morgan, John Moser, Mike Nantz, A. C. “Buddy” Nunn, Michael Roberts, Joshua Perry, Thomas Rohan, Scott Scheynost, Steve Silvers, Bob Sullivan, Collin Taylor, Steve Templeton, Bobby Thompson, Tony Whaley, Major Wheat, Jimmy Wheeler, Bill White, Mike Wills and Donald Young.

In all it was a truly memorable affair gathering of young and old Brother Knights who take great pleasure in Delta Mu Chapter’s success within our beloved Order.  These include: Seventeen Samuel Zenas Ammen Awards for Chapter Excellence, Three Carl Albert Awards for Chapter Improvement, and one highly coveted George C. Marshall Award for Chapter Excellence.  In addition, Delta Mu is the second oldest chapter at Eastern Kentucky University and the only national chapter that has not been suspended or placed on probation since its founding in 1969.


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